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  1. Did Pierre Maline ever brand his bows? If so, does anyone have a picture? Can't seem to find one.
  2. Should be fine on a french polished expensive bow?
  3. Reminds me of my first visit to an NYC luthier over 10 years ago. He refused to hold it and looked from afar. Brought a few old bows of no value (I didn't know) to my luthier and he asked me if it was already tomato season.
  4. I tried it on an inexpensive german bow, I see what you mean by sticky and slicking up the surface. Definitely wouldn't want to use it on my french bows. I could probably use it as a shoe shiner at this point.
  5. So Antonio Stradivarius isn't German?!?!?!?! Those Ebay sellers who claimed to be his descendents seemed so genuine
  6. Can't find anything other than an old post about Yehudi Menhuin using alcohol on his bowsticks. Would the Hill polish be okay for rosin build up and just general cleaning? I'm planning to test it on a few commercial german bows I have lying around.
  7. Just in case it was smaller, thought I'd ask casually. didn't think much into it.
  8. Yup, most of the time it's just posted on the description
  9. I have smaller hands so it can be annoying on the bigger ones, every mm counts!
  10. I guess I like to obsessively do my research before most big purchases and I like learning about violins, along with the information on this site being so invaluable!
  11. No, this was in the States, a rather obscure shop.
  12. I think the owner of that particular shop was up to no good since i was already aware that the maker of the particular violin I was looking at was always above 360 and I just wanted to confirm before it was sent to me to take a look at. Also shouldn't matter if I'm a collector or reseller as I am still a customer
  13. I would not be surprised. I was just a bit shocked by the response haha
  14. While inquiring about a particular violin at a shop, I asked about the LOB as I wanted to stay around 355-356. I was told "this is a trade question asked by collectors and resellers and I don't think this is the right place for you". LOL I just wanted to know if it would be too big for me. SMH
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