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  1. I’ve been working on fiddles for over 25 years. I have the setup covered! Thanks though.
  2. It's definitely gonna need a lot of work. I'm certainly not rich so I'd do everything myself. Which means it'd be whatever it takes to just get it strung up and playing. I'm more of a player but I've loved violins as much as I possibly could for the last 25 years. Pics are so hard to even begin the understanding of a cheap old fiddle's ability to produce a nice sound. I tend to believe they all have something to offer no matter what shape they're in. That's not always true though. I'll never stop learning and that's a good thing. Thanks very kindly to all of your responses. Good stuff every bit!
  3. I can get the fiddle for $300. Don’t know how it sounds though. Does the graft look real to you guys?
  4. These are screenshots. I'm thinking about purchasing this fiddle. I'd like to hear some opinions. Thank you
  5. O'Rocco and Son Milan 1843 or 63
  6. Been a while. Doubt anyone reads this but it's a short neck violin. Seems like it would have been lengthened when grafted. Still love the old girl though. Lots of fun!
  7. The LOB is 14 exact. The sides are from 1 inch to 1 1/16. The bottom rib is two pieces.
  8. Far as I can tell the lord linings do not go behind the corner blocks. Least wise not as much as my old strad copy. The blocks ar flat across I believe also. The neck is amazingly straight enough to play it. I feel horrible for not detuning it and getting it fixed, but I can’t stop playing it. Best sounding violin I’ve ever had! The label is most likely a Lete repair sticker. I believe they closed shop in the early 1800’s. I think there was an attempt to make it playable in probably 1974. Hence the added 74 on the label. I think the fiddle might have been grafted and setup for use in Lete’s shop. Then somewhere between then and when it was found again it formed this asymmetrical top I assume. Yes, there is another square nail at the bottom also.
  9. Thanks very much to all that have given your time to identification. When I get home from work I’ll try and post a few pics and answer your questions. Thanks
  10. Better pics this time, I hope! I’m very interested in what it takes to identify violins by pics. I hope I can learn some helpful advice and possibly get some ideas on the origin of my fiddle at the same time. The violin has some warping of the top from the neck pulling through the years. It causes the top to look square when I believe if it were new it would have been rounder next to the neck. Plus it’s made the top puff up around the neck joint. Just saying the disfigured top may be deceiving. An old Lete repair label with the “Repaired by” cut off. No label. Any other photo I need to post please let me know. All guesses and advice is extremely welcome! Thanks, ole timer
  11. Also the neck graft is very nicely done.