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  1. It's varnish. It was quite a bit paler with just the ground.
  2. What grounds have you tried that did not work out well or you did not like and why?
  3. Time for me to figure out how to carve a bridge...
  4. Oh, I like that. Going to remember that one.
  5. The one on the right has some madder lake mixed in with the ground.
  6. Progress. Still need to shape the buttons...
  7. I'm not sure if this has been posted here before, but this is excellent. ANCIENT BINDING MEDIA, VARNISHES AND ADHESIVES https://www.iccrom.org/sites/default/files/2018-02/1995_masschelein_ancient_61234_light.pdf
  8. Just books/internet; mostly Johnson and Courtnall, but I have the Strobel book, as well. That and lots and lots of reading through old posts here on Maestronet, some from Roger Hargrave's site, Davide Sora's amazing videos, etc, etc.
  9. Well it's definitely NOT the usual, this time... Saved for posterity.
  10. Thanks DoorMouse! That's a really helpful illustration. I will add it to my growing list of things I'd like to improve on, next time.
  11. Poplar cradle. The holes at the edges are sized to fit wine corks. This is part way through scraping the sitka top top and refining the arching. Here I have started on the f-holes. The edge isn't finished and you can see my poor first attempt at purfling.
  12. My forms and some images along the way... I gave them some removable legs for spacing when gluing ribs as well as aligning the template i made for the blocks. I didn't want to drill larger holes for clamping, but didn't really feel like going entirely traditional either, so I made my own clamps for the ribs. These are ok, but i made an improved version afterward. Now that the ribs are off, I have refined the shapes a bit to better match the P and PG forms - they were initially a little off, I think in the upper bout mostly. The forms are now decorating my shop waiting for the next one.
  13. I made myself a bridge knife the other day. The handle is from a cherry tree that used to be in my mom's back yard, before it died a few years ago and was cut down. I added the ebony bit out of an old fingerboard, just for fun. I made the blade out of a graver that was part of a bunch of jewelry making tools I inherited from my grandfather. The finish is some madder lake in linseed oil and then some amber oil varnish, which still needs to dry. I will finish sharpening it later. I wasn't really going for it, but its very matchy with my Titian poster. I like it. Hopefully it is a good shape for bridges.
  14. As a complete amateur, it may be somewhat foolish posting my work here along side all of the great makers on this site. I am currently part way through the process of building my first two violins. I've been photographing my work as I have gone along and I figured that I might as well start by posting some of what I have done so far. If anyone sees fit to comment or provide feedback, that's great. If nothing else it may provide some of you with a bit if amusement to see someone's first efforts and mistakes along the way; particularly from someone who didn't really start with much woodworking experience. I have started with a model based on the Strad PG mold, but have not attempted to really copy any particular model. I do have the Strad Titian poster on my wall for inspiration. I started two at once with the idea of one each for myself and my wife. I'm very curious to see how they end up turning out. Both are a similar form with Big Leaf maple for the backs (very different flame though). One has a Sitka top and one is Engleman. Anyway, here is the current state.
  15. Thanks all. I have it hanging on the wall in my shop, but I definitely wasn't planning to copy it. I started by making a mold based on the Strad PG form for my first build.
  16. Hi all , I’m wondering if any of you have any insight on this plate. I’m mostly curious because of the unusually large upper bout at 173mm (looks like it might have been 174-ish originally). The other measurements seem pretty typical at 108 center, 204 lower bout and 355 length (over arch to the remaining top corners). I only have the plate. Thoughts? The handwritten note on the inside is from a previous repairer. It reads: “New bass bar and repairs by A. R. Swearingen Miami Fla 3/1926” I’ve been getting started making my first violin and I ended up with this as part of a lot of other items from someone who had apparently purchased them from a luthier’s estate and was reselling them.
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