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  1. Time for me to figure out how to carve a bridge...
  2. Oh, I like that. Going to remember that one.
  3. The one on the right has some madder lake mixed in with the ground.
  4. Progress. Still need to shape the buttons...
  5. I'm not sure if this has been posted here before, but this is excellent. ANCIENT BINDING MEDIA, VARNISHES AND ADHESIVES
  6. Just books/internet; mostly Johnson and Courtnall, but I have the Strobel book, as well. That and lots and lots of reading through old posts here on Maestronet, some from Roger Hargrave's site, Davide Sora's amazing videos, etc, etc.
  7. Well it's definitely NOT the usual, this time... Saved for posterity.
  8. Thanks DoorMouse! That's a really helpful illustration. I will add it to my growing list of things I'd like to improve on, next time.
  9. Poplar cradle. The holes at the edges are sized to fit wine corks. This is part way through scraping the sitka top top and refining the arching. Here I have started on the f-holes. The edge isn't finished and you can see my poor first attempt at purfling.
  10. My forms and some images along the way... I gave them some removable legs for spacing when gluing ribs as well as aligning the template i made for the blocks. I didn't want to drill larger holes for clamping, but didn't really feel like going entirely traditional either, so I made my own clamps for the ribs. These are ok, but i made an improved version afterward. Now that the ribs are off, I have refined the shapes a bit to better match the P and PG forms - they were initially a little off, I think in the upper bout mostly. The forms are now decorating