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  1. ...the plot thickens. Maybe the stamp inside my violin is a price or weight? from The Mittenwald Museum site, they have a picture of the below with the same number 9.56. Maybe the period is missing from my violin as a period would not be a heavy stroke that lasted centuries. But my German is non existent, so maybe this is not violin related?
  2. Thanks, I was pointing out the arches/varnish matching vs. the other aspects (arches easily identifiable by the space between fingerboard/tail piece and top of violin). Treble side (Bass in some situations) f holes are harder to compare as violins of this age seem to have “droopy” treble side f holes (prominence dependent on climate/humidity/etc. over the centuries) which make the shape distorted and hard to compare unless you see the amount of droop and can compensate for it in person or really good video (pictures can’t adequately show warped/drooped f holes). The Violin sounds amazing and after quitting 30 years ago; the sound, mystique and possible Kloz heritage is enough to fuel my journey back into Violin. To play Baroque pieces on a Baroque violin (Age at least seems correct) is super enjoyable. Provenance may never be determined, but at the end of the day It’s a solid instrument that has incredible range across the whole fingerboard.
  3. Thanks all for taking the time for your thoughts and input. Maybe Sebastian had multiple models he made throughout the years? My Violin has the same body arches and Varnish as the violin below whom some believe “a Kloz” made for Mozart. Or...Sebastian made the top earlier and either got sidetracked on a large order or was waiting to pair it with the proper high quality maple back (the figured piece of maple on my violin puts my Les Paul to shame).
  4. Just washed out lighting on the label from using a flashlight. Here is a more expanded view and label material looks correct (with the fibers). Again, the Mittenwald Museum believes it to be a Sebaftian Kloz based off the video and pictures I sent (contained in this post). I also (no expert obviously) think the 95 may be S and b as the angle of the characters. If numbers, it would seem it would have been written left to right same angle and straight. Maybe a missing character in-between? The first 2 characters look to have written in one string, with the last written separately Thanks for the input
  5. Thanks for the reply, but 99% of the Kloz violin on the Mittenwald Museum site have the sane type of 7.
  6. I have an appraiser looking at it soon, but just ran across these new markings. The more I look at the imprints around the characters, the more they may not be numbers (maybe “Seb K” with parts of the pencil worn away leaving what looks like numbers - the angle is not right for the #9 and looks more like a S and I see a faint outline of an e and the 5 may be a b). But then again maybe not. The Mittenwald Museum thinks it’s a Sebastian Klotz, but I’ll have to see what the appraiser says as the Museum doesn’t make Certs and only provides opinions (which I am thankful they were so gracious to offer). Here are picts, but for the time being it is a Klotz Circle, until I can get it certified (if enough distinguishing factors exist). Btw, I got 56 from the screenshot I posted talking about Mittenwald violins. Thanks. Measurements 359mm length 160mm top 110mm mid 204mm lower https://photos.app.goo.gl/vT8d8rkv7RZbPGKf6
  7. Hi all, does anyone recognize this stamp in my 1736 German Violin? also, does anyone else feel the first character is not a 9 as a pencil stroke for 9 is very strong and would have endured over the centuries? Maybe 18th century German script initials and not even numbers? I also read an article that stated violins of this time had 56 parts. Initials and QC mark? Anyway, interesting mark and speculation. Thanks in advance, Jason
  8. Back on topic somewhat, are there any pictures of handwritten Sebaftian Klotz labels? I only ever see printed block labels.
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