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  1. Hi Violin Beautiful! thank you for your input too! I never expected such a warm response from everyone on this forum! Yes I agree with you on the antique instruments being somewhat a better investment! I’ve seen and studied the numbers (I deal with numbers in my day job, sadly) and am convinced so too! I think the idea of owning a modern Italian was more appealing to me as I read so many stories of fake violins and certificates! I guess I also just thought it would be safer if the maker were still alive! Thank you for the info regarding having a luthier take good care of the vi
  2. Hi Andreas! the main criteria was a price of <USD20,000. I am still learning everyday about tone and color and sound so I dare not say that sound quality was one of the criterias. Any advanced level violin sounds better than the one I play on now I guess! Haha! Of course I would have been much happier if the violins were closer to something like USD5,000 but it seems like Italian violins go for at least USD10,000 and up? This was the impression I got from the shops we have here in Malaysia and even when I flew in to Singapore! I tried a violin by Stefano Conia t
  3. Thank you Televet! I will go check them out! Looks impressive even just from the website! I wonder if Simonetti is even a real person's name actually! Haha
  4. Hi Violadamore! Thank you so much for your very detailed reply! Haha yes I was afraid that I might not get the answer I was looking for due to 'forum etiquette' hahaha! Yes, in fact, I will aka your advice and contact Davide Sora and Bruce Carlson! Thank you for that. Yes I understand that it is going to be a game of chance.. which of course scares me. By the way, in your opinion, does the sound of the violin matter at all when looking at the investment 'value'? Or is it just the make and maker? I personally find the Simonetti to be the best sounding of the 3 instruments (my t
  5. Thank you Bill! Yes in fact I was looking at some old violins too but my teacher did not seem keen as she mentioned that there are a lot of hidden costs i.e maintenance that would be tricky! I will go take a look at Mittenwald!
  6. Hi, I am new to the forum and was looking to get some help. I am from Malaysia and have been learning the violin for 3 years. I am an adult learner and recently decided to give myself a treat by purchasing a new violin. I currently play on a violin from that I purchased in Singapore at a shop Gramercy fo $1500 (USD). I understand this is a Czech instrument but am not very sure either. I was looking at some Italian violins for 'investment' purposes too and have been reading up a lot. A seller in Malaysia has helped me narrow it down to 3 pieces: Giorgio Grisales: $19,000 Stefa