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  1. Jake, one man's fiddle he wouldn't bother with, is another man's finely hand-crafted 50 year-old German instrument in excellent shape which sounds wonderful & rich.
  2. The violin (with bows) clearly saw regular use in a youth orchestra, and while it needs a little loving cleaning, I'm happy with it. It is apparent to me that this 50+yo instrument waited for perhaps decades in a very good case, for which I'm thankful. For my purposes, it's perfect. I was curious about the bows because at least the Lupot one looks to me to be made with higher quality wood. I find it puzzling that one would hand-craft a bow but not leave a maker's mark.
  3. Thank you PhilipKT, to my ear the violin sounds wonderful. I'm pleased to have it and look forward to caring for it.
  4. Dear Moderators, thank you so much for letting me post these .. I read later-on I had to have 10 approved posts, so THANKS!
  5. PhilipKT, thank you for your reply! Yes, it makes sense that the bows would be contemporary. The violin is, I believe, a Del Gesu IIR Guarneri 1734 by EHR. I'll post a pic or 2 in a bit. Again, it is full of rosin
  6. So, the Lupot stamped wood ... which luthiers / bowmakers used that method?
  7. Greetings from a newb ... I recently acquired a 1968 Roth 4/4 in good shape but full of rosin. With it came 2 bows, a Lupot (also heavily rosined) and an unidentified one. I'd be very grateful if experienced bow aficionados would please weigh in.
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