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  1. She must like those workshop violins... she recently purchased another.
  2. So when someone makes a copy of a GDG, do they aim for that raw state or the current one?
  3. I’ve played a Luff viola. Good instrument, very clear, perhaps not with the dark and chocolate-y sound one associates with a viola. As a violinist, I loved it (maybe because of that). I thought craftsmanship was good, but I am not an expert.
  4. I would play the whole thing in first position. I would place a double stop on the second note of each bar of your Alberti bass (B-D on the first and second bars, not necessary on the next bar because of the open A, D-F sharp on the bar before the Forte). Then try to keep a very agile bow arm but with subtle accents every bow change, to give it some impulse. I believe Mozart wrote melodies for the voice but thought of the piano for everything else, which is hard to execute on any other instrument! Best of luck
  5. Hello all, I’ve been reading this forum for a long time and finally I can write a little bit about something I kinda know! I’ve heard Francisco Fullana in concert and played that violin. I don’t think he is a very loud violinist or that he is interested in being one. I did not get the impression that the Guarneri was a loud instrument itself when I played it, but I had a hard time with his bow and that may have been the reason why. I might get the chance to try that instrument again soon, so I’ll keep you posted.