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  1. I've got enough pieces of extra rib material to make a violin. Mike, that's what I was thinking. In fact, I've got a piece just long enough to do the lower bout.
  2. Sorry, I should choose my words more carefully I just meant using ribs cut from different logs for one instrument.
  3. I have not put tool to wood yet. I'm just planning it out and getting all my ducks in a row. I had planned on using the stop length that is listed on the poster of 194mm. I guess I'm just overthinking this.
  4. Well, a google search failed to yield anything. Could you elaborate?
  5. Where would you recommend I find my dimension then?
  6. I remembering reading somewhere that the distance from the nut to the root on a Guarneri is 138mm. However I can't remember where I picked this up. I'm looking at the Strad poster of the Vieuxtemps and the neck appears at and angle on the poster so the the bottom of the root and both edges are visible and I cannot get and accurate measure. the distance from the nut to the closest edge is 134mm and the farther edge is 137mm. This gives me an average of 135.5mm which doesn't seem right at all. Can anyone shed some light on this?
  7. After further thinning the plate it appears as one continuous gap.
  8. I definitely not selling this one. I'll take your advice and add cleats and be more careful in the future.
  9. The length of the gap is about 55mm. As far as I can tell a shaving across the seam tears along the grain and not at the seam. I don't know if this makes any difference, but the plate flexes fine in that area.
  10. Interesting. Is this considered as strong as cleats?
  11. I cannot close the gap. I suspect there is a layer of glue between the two halves, as the light does not shine through completely.
  12. While thicknessing my top plate, I noticed if I hold the plate up to the light I can see a tiny bit of light peeking through the center seam near the top. I can't notice a gap when looking at the plate just by eye though. I am thinking about adding cleats running the length of the center seam. Would this be sufficient or should I do something else instead?
  13. Thanks for the replies I've been away from the internet for a while. I was worried about thinning the glue too much but after reading all these suggesting I will do as everyone suggested.
  14. While sawing out a top plate, the blade broke and created a split one one of the corners. I was thinking of using titebond to repair it, but I am concerned it would leave an ugly stain and I think the crack is too small to get hide glue into it. Any thoughts?