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  1. Yeah, I know...good point. I still think the violin itself is thinner than usual, though. I've compared pictures of strads to get an idea of how much. More interested in this particular unique shape though. Honestly, just curious about how this one would sound based on such a form factor. I'm always interested when I see major deviations like this, usually only to find the sound is generally less pleasing than a standard shaped violin, for good reason... In any case if anyone has a guess as to a model it was based off, I'd be very happy to hear it!
  2. I generally like Vuillaume a paris copies of violins. Tried some in the past, often without many bad things to say about them. I was looking to buy one and I came across this violin. It has vuillaume a paris stamped on the back and a label, very potentially fake. But I am entirely confused about what kind of physical proportions this violin has. I've seen a lot of violins but NEVER like this one. Does anyone have any clue? I think it must be too thin/weirdly shaped to be a strad copy. Honestly, I think it's kinda hypnotic. Lol