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  1. Thanks for the perspectives. So if I'm interpreting what you and Wood Butcher are saying is that it's not necessarily clear a cello made in the workshop would sell for more or less than a cello made by Gadda himself right? I'm just going off conventional and sensible logic that normally a cello made by the actual maker would be more valuable than a cello made in the workshop of the maker, but it seems like this is not so black and white. I'm just trying to understand when all is said on done if people (and in this case collectors and connoisseurs) equate "Workshop of Gadda" to mean a cello made by Gadda or if people will indeed separate the two.
  2. Sorry ... what I meant to say is I don’t have enough experience to tell that an Italian cello is actually a copy made by Germans.
  3. I obviously don’t have enough experience to know what a German copy looks like
  4. Just a thought ... in October Brompton’s auctions Gaetano Antoniazzi cello and that was 770mm and it fetched over $100K. So I guess if the maker is famous and/or desirable enough people will still buy it. Plus, if you’re a big dude/gal then probably a cello like this is actually the right fit!
  5. A general question ... for a modern maker (I guess after 1980’s) when a instrument is made in the workshop of the maker vs by the actual maker himself does that make a difference in terms of value? For example, Brompton’s has a cello that being advertised as workshop of Mario Gadda and it already has a lot of bids.
  6. Well beyond the size I’m curious if it could be an actual Iginio Segia and/or if not could it at least be Italian from the 20th century Venice school?
  7. Any thoughts about this cello “attributed to” Iginio Siega?
  8. Out of curiosity how much would a major restoration job like this cost?
  9. Hi there. Does anybody know where I can get the sheet music for version of Jesus Joy of Man's Desiring for Cello? It's very similar to the version Yo Yo Ma played in his SImply Baroque album
  10. I damaged a cello and I need to ship it internationally (From Taiwan to Florida) Anybody have any recommendations and/or experience with 3rd party shipping insurance companies? I was looking at DHL and they wanted to charge $640 to insure $32,000 USD. Any feedback/advice is greatly appreciated.
  11. Lol... I actually had to look that up because it pre-dates me.
  12. I also recently discovered the Aria from Samson and Deliliah by Saint Saens that was transcribed for cello and actually performed it at a recital. The first time I heard it I instantly fell in love.
  13. Anybody know where I can get the score for Dvorak’s Song to the Moon for cello? I LOVE this version played by Gautier Capucon. Is it basically the violin score played directly played on cello?
  14. We all know that a $69 violin is going to sound and play like crap so this was just more a comical video if anything. What would have been more meaningful is compare modern professional grade against the Strad, but then I’m guessing nobody wants to hear that modern instrument could be better.
  15. No problem. This is all fascinating stuff!