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  1. Can’t go wrong with any of the 5 shops on the list, but I personally go to Benning.
  2. I wanted get an idea of how much a sound post crack has on the value of a cello. I'm interested in a early 20th century cello made by a famous Italian maker and it has a sound post crack and repair.
  3. Any thoughts on this cello?
  4. Hi. Wanted to get some advice on recommended insurance companies for insuring cello. Thanks!
  5. I’m guessing this cello is not as advertised (like most stuff out there), but I’m not experienced enough to know. Any thoughts?
  6. Tarisio just announced they are pushing back their New York auction 2 weeks in the hope that people will try to travel and see the instruments. Their London auction also got pushed back to June just like Ingles.
  7. Yeah ... I came across it through Facebook. Apparently machine algorithms know I’m into music auctions and this popped up as an ad, but yeah don’t know what to think about it since it does look simple and small. Hmm ...
  8. I found this site that has a limited number of bows for auction. Not sure how good or legit it is.
  9. Hi Wood Butcher, If you have any reputable dealers/shops that are fair with the pricing I would be interested in paying them a visit once it's safe to travel. I'm still learning a lot when it comes to buying higher end cellos and like many people I thought auctions are a way to possible get a better deal and avoid the middleman. However, with each passing auction I've slowly realized that unless you truly know what you're doing there are so many traps and ways to get cheated. So now I realize that dealing with a reputable source is just as important. That's not to say that I'm going to av
  10. Ingles just sent an e-mail saying they’re moving the March auction to June and that other auction houses are doing the same. While COVID might not be totally gone by June I think this is still better than March. Hopefully, we’ll see some better instruments then!
  11. Thanks for your reply James. This does make sense given the COVID situation. For my part I'm currently in Taiwan right now where we very much have the virus under control, but I sympathize and am deeply saddened by what's going on with the rest of the world. Let's hope the inventory of better instruments picks up as we begin to the turn the corner with the virus!
  12. Took a quick peak and rather disappointed at the celli they have. Not sure why Amati in general have not had any good celli lately...
  13. Thanks for the perspectives. So if I'm interpreting what you and Wood Butcher are saying is that it's not necessarily clear a cello made in the workshop would sell for more or less than a cello made by Gadda himself right? I'm just going off conventional and sensible logic that normally a cello made by the actual maker would be more valuable than a cello made in the workshop of the maker, but it seems like this is not so black and white. I'm just trying to understand when all is said on done if people (and in this case collectors and connoisseurs) equate "Workshop of Gadda" to mean a cello
  14. Sorry ... what I meant to say is I don’t have enough experience to tell that an Italian cello is actually a copy made by Germans.
  15. I obviously don’t have enough experience to know what a German copy looks like