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  1. I wanted to know if a cello is cut down is that bad for the value of the instrument? The cello is 300 years old and when it was originally made it was way too big so in the 19th century work was done to re-size it. Also, if there is a knot in the wood is that frowned upon? Please see attached picture.
  2. Yes ... and I mean the instrument I'm considering is a 6 figure USD instrument so if I (or anybody for that matter) am going to put down that much money I need to have as much reassurance the cello is the real thing. Plus, I would think that having updated papers from a respected expert would only add to the future value of the instrument.
  3. So FYI... a couple years ago Robert Cauer said he no longer authenticates or appraises instruments unless he sold the instrument.
  4. Oh and I guess I should mention the cello already has papers from 3 experts, but they're all 40 to 50 years old I'm just wanting to get fresh papers.
  5. So I mentioned in another reply Italian Cello, but more specifically Milanese. I'm in LA and would prefer to bring it to an expert nearby, but at the same time if the best expert is in the east coast then I'll do whatever it takes to get it authenticated by the best and most respected.
  6. A general question... who are the best people to go to get a 300 year old certified for authenticity in the US?
  7. Can’t go wrong with any of the 5 shops on the list, but I personally go to Benning.
  8. I wanted get an idea of how much a sound post crack has on the value of a cello. I'm interested in a early 20th century cello made by a famous Italian maker and it has a sound post crack and repair.
  9. Any thoughts on this cello? https://bid.gardinerhoulgate.co.uk/m/lot-details/index/catalog/206/lot/76481?url=%2Fm%2Fview-auctions%2Fcatalog%2Fid%2F206%3Fpage%3D9%26view%3Dgrid
  10. Hi. Wanted to get some advice on recommended insurance companies for insuring cello. Thanks!
  11. I’m guessing this cello is not as advertised (like most stuff out there), but I’m not experienced enough to know. Any thoughts? https://www.liveauctioneers.com/item/97517833_cello-gaetano-guadagnini-ii-1796-1852-dated-1832
  12. Tarisio just announced they are pushing back their New York auction 2 weeks in the hope that people will try to travel and see the instruments. Their London auction also got pushed back to June just like Ingles.
  13. Yeah ... I came across it through Facebook. Apparently machine algorithms know I’m into music auctions and this popped up as an ad, but yeah don’t know what to think about it since it does look simple and small. Hmm ...
  14. I found this site that has a limited number of bows for auction. Not sure how good or legit it is. https://fxtourteauctions.com/pages/auctions?t=1&fbclid=PAAaYSbku2fDMtPG0YyDp_dweolR9LKkE4rMkSaT448H61h2mDlGTEGj7tz0k_aem_ARhIawvUGNmIjRLDfpi9tQBY_DOV69-mFxXK9gl9lfP6FhlW49gIx1UwlUeyh5r0VbK54w0ZLMsmFTuDUJHj2rztNZynzhTfDLSUiPqVjlQsoG6YpDsJpS8pCVEkxnupylg
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