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  1. Yikes. Thanks guys this is very informative. I'm crossing my fingers to see if my luthier will accept me to drop in today. With the whole quarantine thing his doors have been closed until the beginning of May.
  2. I recently purchased a violin and began feeling a slight bump (not visible) when running my index finger around the sound post area. I've had this happen to me before with a couple violins in the past which I don't own anymore. Just wanted to see how common this might be and or if it's something I may need to get alarmed by? My first thought is the sound post may be to tight. If that is the case, and a new sound post gets fitted, would the discrete bump go away? It looks like the soundpost has been in there for decades if not longer.
  3. where is the " Like" Button so I can "like" Martin Swan's comment?
  4. Talking about Nicolas Vuillaume there is a pretty Stentor Guarneri copy on ebay now! Without the Tarisio price tag.
  5. Just came across this , I thought it might be interesting, but come on now? and bidding starts at $400 with a $1,00-$2,00O est.
  6. I see the violin is on goodwill online now! It's going at a ridiculous price. the wood alone tells me it's not authentic .. I'm sure he would have used better wood.
  7. well I've purchase from lots of auctions in the past.. I stopped for a couple of year's and since last year I began again. I do have to say, that a several years ago some auction houses wouldn't even accept a violin with cracks ( let alone a sounpdpost crack! unless it was exceptional , but now I have been noticing auction houses (won't drop names) , auctioning off beat up violins that need lot of work! Is it just me noticing this? I doubt they are running out of violins as the supply is massive what gives?
  8. Just noticed Skinner is holding a Musical Instrument Auction on June 2nd and the catalog is up. Some interesting violins being auctioned off. Too bad I don't live near Boston or else I'd take a look first hand!