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  1. You are quite wrong here. There are 3 of us, locally in New Haven. Our shop is in New Haven, Larry Wilke is in Clinton, and Ute Brinkmann is in Wallingford. I’m not going to outright brag about our own shop- it speaks for itself. Google it: K.H. Chapin fine Violins. What I will say is that both Larry and Ute are fine people and excellent luthiers in their own right. We all have a friendly relationship and run into each other often. We all do excellent business so there is no rivalry. I purchased my violin from Larry as a teenager and respect him greatly. Also ran into him at the VSA— he’s a great guy who does some gorgeous antiquing, and his cellos are excellent. Ute and our shop share many clients and we run into each other in town at events. The first time we met her she brought some wood to us as an offering of friendship, and she does a lot of charitable work. We all send each other business if one of us is too bogged down to take on more work. We all get along quite well here.