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  1. The bevel in the first set of pictures is a kind of Frankenstein: part factory bevel, part failed attempt at developing a bevel along the curve I added with the grinder. The second set of pictures shows a knife with no bevel. I've thought about beveling the knife using the grinder but I don't want to risk burning the tip again, as even by working more lightly and dipping the knife in water more often I still managed to burn a bit of the tip (though not as much as the first time). I'm thinking of using a coarse water stone to develop the bevel. I like the idea of making the cutting edge longer. I'd like to use this knife to cut soundposts as well as bridges, and it seems to me a flatter edge away from the tip would help with that.
  2. Here is a better picture of the 12mm knife's curvature.
  3. Got my bridge knife from Mats Thureson (TBSmity) a couple of days ago. Looks good. It's the one at the top of the picture below. In the middle is the 12mm knife I want to use for the feet and the profile. I had to regrind it a second time after it lost most of its curvature during sharpening (I'm still learning to sharpen using water stones). I have no idea if this particular shape will do, but I'll give it a try. I've noticed others use knives closer to 18mm in width, so I may end up getting a blank for a knife that size instead. At the bottom is the 1-inch chisel I intend to use for thicknessing.
  4. Here is my 12mm Pfeil knife after grinding it down on a 6-inch grinder, and again after thinning it down and refining it using a coarse water stone. You can see I managed to burn the tip in the first image -- hopefully this won't cause too much trouble. The next step is to sharpen it as well as I can manage and see if it'll do for shaping the feet.
  5. Thank you both for the information. Very useful. Any advice on shaping a knife blank? Would I need a grinder or can this be done with just files and stones? I know nothing at all about modifying knives. I think I'll contact TBSmithy for the bridge knife, as I don't have a blank for that yet.
  6. I'm trying to assemble a set of tools for cutting new bridges. I figure I'll need: A knife for carving the bridge's profile. A knife for shaping the feet. A knife for cutting the various incisions. Something to grind the knives into a suitable shape. Sharpening tools. Other tools such as a chisel for thicknessing and sandpaper for finishing. For one of the knives I've ordered a 12mm Pfeil for carving the profile and cutting the feet, but I'm going to need a smaller knife for shaping the heart, kidneys, ears, and other such parts of the bridge. Would a smaller Pfeil knife be good for this? What size? Once I have the right knives the next step is to give them the desired shape. For the shapes of the knives, Johnson & Courtnall recommends giving the blade a knee for cutting the bridge profile and feet, but for the other cuts it says only to use a fine blade. What would be the best shape for this blade? Also, what's a good tool for altering the shape of the knife as opposed to just sharpening?