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  1. Here are pictures of two clean corners. Blank face was correct! There are two corner blocks in each corner. Any ideas why? It looks like the second was added later by a repair man we can confidently say. Possibly for more glue surface for the top? The inner blocks I believe are NOT walnut. I can’t tell the wood type precisely from the end grain side but my gut says spruce. Would you all leave or remove the “new” corner blocks? (Possibly installed by engleder in 1842). I add a requested photo of the saddle lower rib area. I think the detail is original. Any ideas why that would have been done? Thank you all, this is so much fun! Isaac
  2.'0_OFFSET_0',Index:1,NBResults:1,PageRange:3,SearchQuery:(CloudTerms:!(),ForceSearch:!t,Page:0,PageRange:3,QueryString:'*:* schorn',ResultSize:15,ScenarioCode:DEFAULT,ScenarioDisplayMode:display-mosaic,SearchLabel:'',SearchTerms:schorn,SortField:Author_sort,SortOrder:0,TemplateParams:(Scenario:'',Scope:'',Size:!n,Source:'',Support:'')))) here is a super long link to a schorn at the museum in Florence. The corners long longer to me but....
  3. I have been digging and schorn used walnut I am gathering. Is that right?
  4. Yes the flames are real. Beautiful one piece back!
  5. Thank you for your replies! Fascinating. The walnut purfling in the photo has summer growth white color on the bottom lining, hence the color variation of both bottom pieces. It tricked me at first but they appear to be walnut. The corner blocks are puzzling. Interesting idea about seen if they were added. I’ll clean a corner so we can have a better view of the corner and post a photo. In the mean time here is a full body shot of the inside. It might bring up questions. Also the top appears to be one piece. Do you think a dendro report would bring anything up on an instrument like this? The one piece top seems unique...
  6. Hi all, i am a new member to the maestronet community and am curious what you all think of this fiddle. The linings are walnut I think which is totally a shocker for me. Has anyone seen walnut linings before? Is this particular to a school? The scroll is long and narrow and makes me think a figure head was going on the scroll then the maker changed direction... the linings are let in I think...wax seal is totally to worn to see anything (not that I know what one would do with the information), the back is 352mm, varnish looks original, looks like maple purfling for all three pieces, I am not sure how one can tell when pins are placed, they appear to be ebony though. Any thoughts? I hope this is of interest for you all! If you want more photos let me know.