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  1. Strange, why would they destroy older instruments ? You could get a good price even if they post it on ebay.
  2. Govt auction...what do you expect ? They dont supply a Guarneri de Gesu to play with when you work for the Government !
  3. and choose Musical Instruments in the drop down
  4. It looks right to me. And if you have a 355mm violin, you picked it up at a great price
  5. The LOB makes all the difference here. What is the LOB of this violin ?
  6. What do you make of this post ? I know this ebay seller had this violin at $85000 for many months and has moved it to online no reserve auction
  7. There is no information on Richard Oppelt on the internet. Wonder who he is ?
  8. Its definitely around circa 1700 and a very high chance of it being a Ruggieri. Even if it is not a Ruggieri, the makers of the time period went on to become doyens and I am talking Stradivari, Amati, Bergonzi etc.However, the cello is so beaten up that the cost of restoration and acceptance will not make up for the price.All the 4 cellos in the T2 auction are wrecks with sound post cracks etc. T2 has become a graveyard for long dead instruments and possibly sent by dealers.
  9. Wow, if its the same its a steep comedown for Mr Metzler ! The violin may sell for 3k and he had posted it on his site for 25k !
  10. Its not the same violin. It is similar to the one Metzler has.The Tarisio violin is signed 1927 and the Metzler violin is 1921.Retail prices are typically 3 times higher than their acquisition price.If this violin at Tarisio sells at $5000 + premium + shipping+ insurance, its about $6500.So the retail price is $20k and not too far from Metzlers price.
  11. From left to right: FXS- Makers mark | Lion mark- London assay office mark for sterling silver| 925-Silver fineness mark|Cat- Assay office mark for London|Date letter mark
  12. I dont think they are french hallmarks. I used to collect sterling silverware and they are the hallmarks for English silver in my opinion.The cat indicates London silver and the circle is the year and in this case is between 1889 to 1949
  13. hahah...knew this would be asked. I cant go to a dealer with pictures . And dont know enough to write in this forum. So just need your advise !
  14. No, if you are versed on these violins, does it look authentic?
  15. Folks, Need your advise.There is a Curletto Anselmo violin on ebay with a certificate by Guiseppe Stefanini. Can anyone shed some light on it ? It apparently sells on Tarisio for $20k+ and the seller has opened the bid at 6750 with no bites so far.I have been looking to buy a pre war Italian violin by a renowned maker and maybe this might be the one. Any help is appreciated as I dont think anybody might bid and I could get it at the opening price.