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  1. the lion appealed to me I only spent $100 on it and it will make a good wall ornament.
  2. LOL I have no way to play it as there is no bow. However I will be taking it in to a Violin shot tomorrow to get their opinion on it and see if it sounds good or not.
  3. So your all saying just sell it on eBay with a .99c Start auction. And it's definitely not worth looking into repairing? .... Just good for parts? Any idea how much someone would charge to repair this? Also it looks like it's missing it's sound post. So ya that and the repair work already done on it denotes the person who tryed to repair it last time was unprofessional. Or maybe a beginning apprentice.
  4. I recently acquired this lionshead violin I am currently doing research on them and I just get more and more confused. As I stated in the title there is not identification paper inside the body of the fiddle that I can see. It may have moved however I do not have the tools to look inside of it. I want to know if there is any reason why I should not take this fiddle in to get repaired. Or if I should just set it in an auction on eBay for parts.
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