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  1. Hey everyone . . . in my excitement at the improbability of this discovery, I failed to correctly remember the number of the fiddle. Mine was one number greater than the one currently for sale. Same year, same color, same pattern, same everything . . . just got off the phone with the maker. Disappointed, but it doesn't wreck my week . . . that violin has been gone long . . . maybe someday. Thanks so much to the community for supporting me through this. I can't thank you all enough!
  2. Thanks for the input everyone! Here's the rub . . . I have literally no idea who the insurance company is . . . it was so long ago and I was 22 at the time . . . I have no idea how to find out what insurance company it was. Is there some information clearinghouse that would have the record of the insurance company's claim to that instrument?
  3. On a whim, I found the exact instrument (modern maker, violin number, year, all on the original label, and description of the same instrument on the website) doing a search today! I have no idea how long its been in the inventory of the shop. I can't believe my luck. I'm a former professional. My violin was stolen from the backseat of a car literally 20 years ago. My father and mother bought it for me when I was an undergrad studying performance. They died a year before it was stolen, so having it back would just be a dream come true. How do I go about requesting it back? I think I may have gotten a settlement for it then, but have literally no idea what insurance company it was. It was my parents' insurance company and I stopped doing business with them within the first couple of years after they died. I am sure I can get the record from the maker to show it was purchased by my family, and/or get the original police record for the theft. What are your suggestions? I really appreciate your advice. This is obviously not the fault of the shop that has it in their possession. They live several states away from where it was stolen. Bob