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  1. Hello all! I have written a piece for double bass and piano called Notturno a Lerici (Lerici is a nice place part of the Italian Riviera). Here it is the world premiere, performed by Valentina Ciardelli! The cadenza in the middle is improvised by the performer. Please let me know your thoughts, Alessandro
  2. Hello Bill, do you mean for a different instrument? I think it could work for other instruments, yes.
  3. Hello @Jeff Jetson, many thanks for your nice message. So, I wrote this piece while working very far from home. I was requested to write a piece for Rebecca Raimondi and first I came out with other ideas that overall did not convince me. Finally, after reading this poem, my ideas became clearer and I wrote it. This first phase lasted three weeks circa and I think that in a way it is not much shorter for a short piece. Then, as you said, I polished it. This phase is really important to control the flow of it. Being a short piece, this phase was relatively short this time. One week maybe. Thanks for asking!
  4. Hello @uncle duke, that's am interesting idea indeed. Two different meanings would come out underlining different concepts. Thank you for listening and for the idea!
  5. Hello all! I have written a piece for violin solo called Solo et pensoso, based on a Petrarch's sonnet. You can here the very recent World premiere by Rebecca Raimondi here: Video on YouTube Please let me know your thoughts and write me if interested in the score! Alessandro
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