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  1. With what attitude? I was sort of insulted by some of the things that were said by the members of this forum. Not very friendly at all. So if I came off rude I'm sorry was definitely not meant to be that way.
  2. All you doubters are wrong. Had it looked at today it's real.
  3. My mother had this viola for over 50 years. It's not from china..
  4. My mother was a concert violist for the Wisconsin, Madison and Chicago symphony orchestras..... so get I doubt it's a "BRICK".
  5. I inherited this viola from my mother dont know much about it. Would sorta like to know how much it's worth and how to sell it since I cannot play anymore... Susan
  6. My mother recently passed and I inherited this viola. I dont know much about it and would like to know its value.
  7. Suzyq1984

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    Sticker inside Joseph guarnerius cant make out the name of the signature