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  1. The reason I'm asking about the cedar is I can get it easily and cheaper than spruce. But if it's a bad idea I'll save up a little for the spruce.
  2. This is a follow-up to my first post about the 5 string violin tuned an octave down. Just wanted to show off done pictures, and take any advice. The back is a pretty piece of maple I found at the hardware store, and the sides are hard maple (I think sugar maple). I did have a question about the top. I was wanting to use spruce, but then a (probably dumb) idea hit me: I've read elsewhere on this forum that Western red cedar is not good for a top because it's shrill/thin sounding. But, I've also heard that if you're going to use octave strings on a violin, the shriller (for lack of a better term) the top, the better. So, would Western red cedar be good for an octave violin top? Or should I stick with spruce?
  3. Has anyone ever had experience with oak (white or red)? Any good, bad, or ugly?
  4. Thanks for the replies! I think I'll forego the C string (sounds like it's more trouble than it's worth) I'll post pictures as I go (but forewarning I'm not using maple or spruce cause I have other woods on hand and dealing with student loans). Again thanks for all the help!
  5. Sorry for the confusion! I was thinking of making a violin tuned an octave lower than standard, but also adding a 5th string to it. So the A string would be 220hz. I have made 2 cellos (they're really not pretty, but they sound alright), and I remember the C string being really thick. So is that even possible? Or would the lowest string be too loose and floppy? Or would it becomes too fat to play? I was just wondering if, instead of making a violin and stringing it with octave violin strings, actually making a violin-shaped body tweaked to emphasize the lower notes. (P.s., this is a passion project just to see what works. I'm not the best at violin making, so I thought it would be fun to make a VSO to get practice and to make something that sounds different and is fun to play).
  6. Hello everyone! First post here. I have started a new project, a 5 string octave violin. I've only have two fiddles before (they're fun to play and sound good). I found some specs online from Alan Golblatt for the violins, but I had some questions about the octave violin. Since lower tones need bigger bodies, my questions are: -Should I make the sides deeper? If so, what depth works well? -Should I make the scale length longer? Or should I still follow the specs for the violin? -what string thickness would work for the 5th string? Assuming that the octave violin strings would be G D A E, what string should I use for the c string? An actual cello c string? Or is that too heavy? Sorry for so many questions. I've made a couple guitars, banjos, and other instruments, but I'm trying to learn everything I can about violins also. Any input would be appreciated! Thanks so much!