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  1. Adri

    Id violin bow

    Thanks again for the info! The bow has 65 grams, it’s normal? Do you think the bow could be a workshop knopf? The adjuster it’s original and the button it’s later for sure!! This is what it says on the certificate. I believe the certificate was made by schmidt... i will ask to be sure. anyone know who is? Which expertise of german bow are the best? Grunke?
  2. Adri

    Id violin bow

    Thank you for the quick answer!!! Hopefully i asked you... because i was excited about it
  3. Adri

    Id violin bow

    Hello, recently I tried this amazing bow, it plays really good and i think it has a good condition. They say it is a Knopf, what do you think? It has no stamp I’m a violin player and i’m looking for a nice bow for playing Thank you!!
  4. Hello everyone, I found recently a nice copy of Peccatte bow probably. It’s even possible that this bow is from the Peccatte workshop? The bow looks nice but I’m not sure and I never seen or tried a original Peccatte so I can’t compare. Another question I have is about this black lines in the wood. Does they are dangerous or something? The bow is cracked? thank you for your opinions!!
  5. Hey guys, the bow has 65 grams by the way... this is normal? I think bazin or bazin workshop didn’t use to make bows so heavy... which bow maker used to do 65 grams bow? Knopf maybe? I’m just curious
  6. You have right!! But I want to precise something: when you are old and you still have technique problems, you need to work more as you said but with a good violin teacher, if not it’s just a waste of time... fuks, fatkulin are a good example of a good teacher when I say “work more” i really mean that but in a economical way, practice wiseful as you need!
  7. I recommend you to go to a good violin teacher. Giving you advices without seeing your position and without hearing your sound it’s quite impossible to resolve problems... to me it’s quite unuseless. I could tell you a couple of really good teachers, but maybe it’s quite difficult to you because it won’t be in the same country.. otherwise, if you can’t find a teacher I recommend to read menuhin’s book and ricci’s too: ricci on glissando. It has several exercise to develop left hand techinque. I know it’s just a book but it’s better than anything...
  8. It’s interesting what you said! This is my opinion: the person who stamped this bow was a luthier and worked in Barcelona between 1903 and 1930 (this information i can confirm it for sure!). So I guess the frog is after WW II as you said. Maybe the stick is french but the frog was changed... does it make sense? After the info that I have, this bow could be french but from a workshop maybe. Anyway, I’ll bring it to Raffin or Guillaume for sure, this is bow is strange... anyway, the price was cheap...
  9. I recently send some photos to Pierre Guillaume, I thought it would be interesting a second opinion (I never doubt of Raffin’s opinion, I take very seriouslly his advices!!) . He said it could be french but he said it need to be checked personally. I’m starting to be confused and I don’t know who should see the bow before... any advice?
  10. Thank you so much for the information!! Yeah, i know it’s being a little bit tricky to post something, i don’t have 10 posts yet.. sorry here you have some more photos. Hope it will give you more ideas!
  11. Hello Martin, i have another question: what does it mean the pins you mentioned in the bottom and in the adjuster? How do they look actually? Even if it is a markneukirchen, you assume it’s a good work or not? I’m inexperienced in old bows and that’s why I want to learn. Thank you!!
  12. Hi! sorry i’m not a veteran about old bows and i didn’t see a lot of them in due to give you my opinion, i can’t help you...maybe martin knows more about this matter
  13. Hello! well, those of the photo have pins right? And there are pins in the buttons , am i right? the Why do you think it’s german? the bow you show in the photo, is markneukirchen?
  14. Thank you very much!! Do you have the email of Paul?