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  1. I PM'd you. I definitely want the set if it is still available.
  2. There are quite a few (hundreds actually) of his radio programs available for free at Jack Benny at I haven't listened to any of those, but I have enjoyed hours of "The Shadow", "Sherlock Holmes" and "Tales from Scotland Yard" through the same site. Amazingly they are all available for free. Fun stuff to listen to in the shop.
  3. I'm a total novice when it comes to violins, but I've rescued some painted pieces of furniture with little more that a good card scraper.
  4. That's very kind of you Nick, thanks. I'm not at the point yet where I feel like anything I could show you wouldn't be a complete waste of your time, but once I get there I will probably take you up on it. At the very least I'll eventually stop in with my son and look at some violins. He's been on a full-size violin for almost a year now and I think it is about time to stop renting and buy him a decent practice instrument.
  5. I've done a fair amount of woodworking and furniture work, but when it comes to violins I'm still an aspiring maker. I built one form I thought was "good enough" and started in. As soon as I bent the ribs I realized the form was crap and so have started over with a Strad poster. I'm hoping to finish the form this weekend and get back to rib bending. I have no illusions that I will ever turn out a fine instrument, but since both of my children play I thought it would be nice for them to have something decent to practice on and remember me by one day.
  6. Wow, and I thought just building one was a challenge! You are taking it to an entirely different level there. My son is a violinist at CAPA, so we walk right under your bench regularly. I've often thought about popping in, but I know how annoyed I get when people interrupt me in the middle of something in my shop. I really don't want to be that guy.
  7. Ron Hock also sells a pretty reasonable scratch stock. Hock Tools
  8. Iron pipe will work. I did it with a rig similar to this one: YouTube . If you are comfortable with some basic wiring you could go the route that Tomy Hovington uses: YouTube. I'm not saying this is the best option, but if your funds are limited it will let you dive in and start making mistakes get the job done.
  9. You would get more responses in the "Pegbox" board I think. Having said that, a bandsaw would be great for getting close to the outline. Then sand and file to the final outline as usual.
  10. As much as I enjoy Donald Macleod's Composer of the week there will never be another Karl Haas. I join in the hopes that the broadcasts may one day become available again.
  11. Deal is an antiquated term for softwood lumber I believe. According to professor google it originated from the Middle Low German dele plank. Professor G also says that red deal refers to Scots pine. I'm not sure I'd take that as gospel, though.
  12. I sent you an email about the gouge and purfling tool.
  13. If an insurance company was involved, they would have required a police report. I would start there. The report may include the insurance information. As duanne88 mentioned, you are probably going to need it anyway.
  14. Horse (angel) hair pasta drizzled with a little oil infused with spruce tips and a hint of maple syrup. No wait, that can't be pasta a la Stradivari because it sounds horrible.