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  1. @martin swan, it might qualify as a rant but it was also helpful, which is what I was looking for. Thanks Ed
  2. It seems common that instruments are often advertised as copies of specific famous models by famous makers. A few examples of copies I've seen advertised Giuseppe Guarneri ‘del Gesu’ 1742 ‘Lord Wilton’, 1743 ‘Sauret’, 1743 ‘Cannon’ 1744 ‘Ole Bull’ Antonio Stradivari 1709 'The Viotti' 1721 'The kruse' 'The Hellier' At what point (I'm assuming price point) does this actually tell me anything about how the copy instrument sounds? I don't mean, will it sound exactly the same or as good as the original, but more for comparing two violins by the same luthier? For example, the Lord Wilton is more <insert correct adjective> while the Cannon is <insert different adjective>. So, should I expect the same of the Lord Wilton copy vs Cannon copy? I've tried to search for answers to this question but not certain how to phrase it so that google can help me out. e.g Thanks Ed