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  1. I can finally reply. I really want to answer your reply. You have to know that the new ID is limited. The reply is only 2 times a day. So I can't reply after I gave you the PM twice. In your reply later, I said that I disappeared. The reason is that you did not understand the reason. Please do not make unreasonable inferences because of your lack of understanding. I don't understand why your position always feels like I am a liar (but what exactly did I lie to?), I am a student who is learning to play the violin. Isn't it reasonable to find a traditional Italian violin? Why is this post? I just want to seek help to identify the authenticity of this violin. I wonder if I have been deceived. Is this not reasonable? I have never asked for or induced a professional picture of you to post genuine products. I am not a violin maker who does not understand the importance of these authentic pictures to the counterfeiters, but I am grateful that your reply will allow me to learn this. knowledge. You have to know that in my country, you can't use GOOGLE to search for relevant knowledge. As for let me tell you that their name responded before me, I don't know even their real names. I am also very willing to expose their fraudulent behavior to warn other buyers. But I tell you that they are meaningful in the network ID "ABCD"? I have another chance to reply today.
  2. Now I just want to refund the cost of purchasing the violin. Then learn the knowledge of violin appraisal in the forum, hoping that i will not be deceived. Once again, thanks to the experts who have advised me.
  3. These pictures and recordings of the violin were sent to me by him at Wechat.
  4. Hello,iam a violin student from China. Please forgive me that I can only use Google translation to read your replies, so I may not understand some of your suggestions or comments. That's what happened. This violin dealer is a chance to get acquainted with him through social chat software. I don't even know his real name, but why do I try to trade with him? Because I learned from Wechat(china Social software)that a part of China's luthier and bow maker had a lot of trading history with him. he asked me to pay for the purchase of the violin before he brought it back to China from Vienna and delivered it to me. Purchasing this violin is a heavy burden for me, so I would want to let experts provide their opinions through this forum. That's what happened. In the end, I was very sad.
  5. Thank you very much for professional reply!. Now I'm worrying about how to recover the money I paid for the violin. After that, I will give a good account of what happened.