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  1. Hi, a friend of mine bought this violin online, it is supposed to be Stentor but the question here is what stentor model is this violin? *there is no more photos, he didn't tell me about certificate or any paper.
  2. ramy

    suzuki violin

    Hi Someone told me before: Suzuki violin considered the last choice for a factory violin and not recommended at all. Question here :-\ 1- is this true? 2- if yes, does that mean it is terrible violin i shouldn't think of? Or no, not that bad.. it will work And thank you so much
  3. I am from Egypt and our currency equals 0.058 USD. to afford 800 USD "at least for a good reasonable factory violin", means more than 14,000 pounds and this is a very big deal for an amateur" not professional violinst" So i now started to think of electric violins also i'm a big fan of acoustic.. SO WHAT SHOULD I LOOK FOR IN THE ELECTRIC VIOLIN OR HOW I EXAMINE QUALITY OF MATERIAL BEFORE SOUND? and thx thx so much
  4. ramy

    neck back ribs

    We all know that back, ribs, neck of a violin should be made of the same wood, then if i can clearly see grains or flames or figures "whatever :D" on both back and ribs but not on the neck!! What could that tell us? And DO NECK WOOD AFFECT SOOUND QUALITY??? and thank you so much for your answers
  5. ramy


    As i have almost no experience in violins, would anybody please tell me IF the grains on this violin are real wood grains or fake!! (Drawn.. I was told before there could be fake drawn grains on violin wood)
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