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  1. I have a cello made by Tetsuo Matsuda made in 1985. Overall the build quality is amazing. The cello is more on the heavy side. The sound of the cello is alright. The g and c string in overall in my opinion a little weak but it may be just the type of string used. On the A and D strings, it has larsen and on the G C string it has spirocores. There has been damage done the the cello. It had a neck graf and it also had a little chip taken off and glued back on on the left-hand side. It's hard to tell but I seems like the cello has a broken neck but reglued back on. I was just wondering how much the cello would be worth nowadays in the market. Thanks for the help! If you want more information, just reply to this topic. If you want pictures, I can post some if you ask. Thank you so much for the help