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  1. Michael, you confirm what I feared. Will do those scroll checks. Really enjoyed your appearance on "The Repair Shop" and have learned a lot from your paper on varnishing.
  2. Received the Cremona Books poster of the Cremonese. It has 100%-scale photos that show a lot of detail. Though it doesn't have arching guides, the photos show at least the longitudinal arching well. In particular, the long. belly arching in the photo doesn't match the long. arching guide from the Academia Cremonensis pattern set. I expected to see a fairly straight section in the middle, and the poster shows that. The Acad. Crem. set long. arching is higher and more curved in the middle. Any opinions on the accuracy of the arching templates in the Academia Cremonensis set?
  3. Thanks! That might be good to supplement the Academia Cremonensis pattern set, which does have arching guides. The Cremonese was built on the G form. I looked for Strad posters of other fiddles from the G form and didn't find any.
  4. sug, thanks for the link. I have a copy of this excellent paper. It has some of what I'm looking for. I was hoping to get the kind of info you get on a Strad poster. I have the Academia Cremonensis pattern set for the Cremonese; it has some useful stuff, but it's really missing a lot, a bit surprising for the price.
  5. Cremona Books has two posters of the Stradivari "Il Cremonese" violin. Does anyone know if this one, http://www.cremonabooks.com/eng/shop_dettaglio.php?id=3774, has technical measurements on the back? The description of the other one, http://www.cremonabooks.com/eng/shop_dettaglio.php?id=2877, includes "Technical poster without measurements on the back."
  6. The Strad poster included in the set has full views (including the neck), arching templates, and complete graduation maps.
  7. Has anyone out there made a Cannone copy with these graduations? If so, what are the results like?
  8. Bought the Dynamic CD/book/poster set. Any explanation of why top and back plates so much thicker than most (including most Guarneris) work so well in this instrument? Lower-density wood?
  9. I found out about the CD/book/poster set "Paganini's Violin" from Dynamic and ordered it from Presto Music, https://www.prestomusic.com/classical/products/7965960--paganini-s-violin. It's not the Strad poster, but it should do for me. Getting this to complement the Grande Liutai "Il Cannone" pattern set.
  10. Ordered the Paganini's Violin set from Presto Music. Thanks for the info, Adrian!
  11. I'm looking to get a copy of the Strad poster of Il Cannone; looks like Strad doesn't have them any more. Any other source out there? Or could someone recommend a source for graduation data and other such details?
  12. Some government agency, probably the California Air Resources Board, has banned sale of denatured alcohol in California. What are Californians using in spirit varnish, shellac, and alcohol burners?
  13. Thanks, Andres. This helps a lot.
  14. Where can I find information on how to make a clip-in frog and corresponding mortise for a baroque bow I plan to make?
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