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  1. Thank you all for posting this topic, y'all really saved me as I'm about to fly British Airways. FWIW, I looked into it after reading this thread and they do allow violins on as long as you call them more than 24 hrs in advance of your flight departure and get it added to your booking. They will ask the dimensions and weight and have it added so you can be guaranteed to take it on with you. I just got off the phone with British Airways and had this done. I will update only if I run into an issue with actually being able to take it on with me for my flights. Cheers!
  2. Thank you all for the replies, and I'm sorry it has taken me so long to respond myself. Yes, the eBay listing linked is the violin he purchased. I took the violin to local luthiers as suggested and was hoping to have it back by now to supply more pictures as requested. I took it to 2 luthiers and both said based on looks and weight it was german, had the right weight to sound "very nice" after set up, was pre 1940's and both said it was worth getting set up and that we "did fine" with the purchase, for what that means. I was thinking the stamped label was fake because based on old english I finally figured out that that last name stamped inside the violin is spelled with an 'f' as in "Durrfchmidt". That seems odd to me that a maker would misspell their own name... My husband purchased based on label, I wouldn't want him to have overpaid for something that is of poor quality, but people here seem to think it looks like it is well made, so hopefully we didn't overpay, and it will sound good. We did also get a partial refund based on some issues. The case is a cheap viola case, luthier was not impressed. I believe the material is polyester, and it has a rip on the outside, straps are not leather. Both luthiers said it was definitely worth it to repair the nickel mounted bow, and that it was pernambuco, so we rehaired that one.
  3. Hi, My husband bought me a 1st violin on eBay, but I've read here that usually it doesn't turn out well. We can return it in worst case. It was listed as an "antique Wilhelm Durrschmidt violin from Markneukirchen germany. On the inside of the violin the only label is stamped directly on the wood and reads "Wilh. Durrlshmidt Geigenbauer Markneukirchen i/S." admittedly that "l" may be an "s" on the durrschmidt stamp, no paper label. I wrote down on a piece of paper how the stamped label is laid out inside. Back is one piece, top is 2 piece. I have attached as many pictures as I could think of, please let me know if more are needed. I has a hard time getting pictures of interior construction, but it has wood blocks inside at the lower corners, as well as bandings that go around top and bottom that look like quarter rounds. Pegs, chinrest, tail piece and fingerboard are all ebony. I couldn't get all the pictures to attach so I uploaded them to an imgur albulm. http://imgur.com/gallery/gx0APV9 My questions are when was this likely made? Is it what it says it is? What quality is it? and any ideas on value? I'm worried my husband overpaid and I din't want to spend the $ to have it set up if it's going to be lousy.
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