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  1. That’s a very cool piece of musical americana. I’m glad you’re making another one.
  2. So has the original stayed in the Bay Area?
  3. I know I’ve seen a CT scan of a 1645-dated violin with five (possibly six - there was a dark spot just below the neck block that was around where a pin would be). I find it hard to imagine that he didn’t learn the pin from Nicolo Amati, but he certainly went his own way with it.
  4. Didn’t he like them so much that he used five?
  5. I guess that’s my point - the construction method suggests someone who learned in the Amati/Guarneri line. The name on the label seems much less significant to me. My number one question would be whether any examples post-1762 have the central dorsal pin.
  6. It’s extraordinarily entertaining - if you haven’t seen it, you’re missing out.
  7. The whole Deconet kerfuffle is pretty interesting - the violins seem to have fallen out of favor not because anyone is saying that they were made any differently, just that they weren’t made by the guy whose label has been in them all along. I’m left wondering why it should matter at all. They’re probably the least expensive classical violins around now that use construction methods taught by the Amati - that ought to be worth something.
  8. Early Medio Fino kind of thing?
  9. In the wake of uncertainty, people do have a tendency to like things that they can hold. The problem is figuring out which things in a situation like this.
  10. I'd have happily tolerated those, I think.
  11. I suspected you might say that based upon something you posted a few months ago in another thread.