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  1. Thank you all for the comments. The bridge is of poor quality, very heavy, and warped. The photos I provided do not show the bridge in current state. Sospiri/Doug - most of the upgrades I proposed (tailpiece, chin rest) will have little to no effect on sound. It seems reasonable that a new bridge (lighter and properly fit to the table) and SP adjust will have an effect, presumably beneficial but no guarantee. I only live near one luthier - he is good but $$$.
  2. Thank you VDA. Asking price is $1K. Sounds nice with new Dominants. Not amazing. Bright, open, clear, but not particularly rich. Might improve with proper setup. I will have to have new bridge, sound post adjustment, new tailpiece, and new chin rest. I expect that will add up to $500 easily.
  3. Good evening (or morning or day, as the case may be), I'm considering this violin as a backup instrument. Unless I have been a poor pupil here, this is a German trade violin, probably Markneukirchen. I'm aware the bridge is rubbish and the string windings are poorly done. Interior plate surfaces are smooth throughout. Blocks and lining are spruce. 1. Does the varnish look original? 2. As German trade instruments go, where does this rank in terms of craftsmanship and quality of wood? Thank you. I appreciate your thoughts and expertise. I'm not a dealer or collector, just a (bad) player.
  4. I am curious about the JBV sale price before it got memory-holed. Kindly PM if you saw.
  5. Would you share some pictures of your Vuillaume?
  6. I think you should keep looking until you find a violin you like AND a dealer willing to take your violin in trade. As with buying a car, try to negotiate the price of the violin before mentioning you want to do a trade. You probably also need to temper your expectations about how much you can get on this violin through a consignment or auction.
  7. The fluted area looks raw, especially bass side. I figured the dark spots were just an attempt to camouflage the varnish/wood removal.
  8. To be clear, the damage was disclosed in a condition report. I probably would have picked up the repair with an magnifying lens. I’m not sure if an °ethical° repair, while I appreciate the concept, would be particular sales worthy. Mr. Swan, thank you for giving me some perspective on valuation.
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