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  1. Also just to add I did not see the cracks till I got it home, which was ignorance on my part.
  2. Hi all Many thanks for your generosity with your time and wisdom. The problem really is a sonic one rather than a monetary one. What I mean is I am a fairly good violinist but a long way from home and with not much money at all. I am trying to get an instrument that will have some capacity for colour and tone with my very limited budget. I bought the violin for $50 through local adverts, so what I am comparing it to really is what I can get off amazon or from a chain music store. So even if the violin hasn’t much intrinsic value, i.e. I wouldn’t be able to recoup what I put in if I sold it, it doesn’t matter to me as long as it will sound significantly better than say the entry level Yamaha the music store has, if that makes any sense? The catch 22 is that it’ll be hard to figure out its tonal capacity till it is set up and playable. Anyway I attach pictures if they are of any help. I think it’s about a 100y old Mittenwald. Beyond that I have no idea how to assess its likely quality. Do the cracks mean that even if they are patched the sound is irrevocably compromised now? I also appreciate it’s very hard to estimate what someone will charge but I suppose I just wanted to know a ballpark of what to expect so I don’t get ripped off, or to know whether it is just plain out of the possibility of my means. I also have to factor strings, soundpost replacement (it’s currently rattling around inside the violin) and a new bridge into the budget.
  3. Hello, Can anyone give me a rough estimate of a reasonable price to expect to pay to repair these cracks and approximately how long the work would take, for a good luthier. Also is it possible to tell approximately how recently the cracks were made. And, if I don’t get them repaired, will that affect the sound or stability of the violin? As I think the cracks were caused by tightening the strings when the soundpost was not in the violin; I don’t know if this affects your opinions on whether the work is vital or not. Also, could that be woodworm on the back. Many thanks for any help.
  4. Hello, Please could you let me know whether this violin is in playable condition or needing repair, or indeed beyond repair. There is a chunk missing under the chin rest and from one of the f holes. It is a fractional. Any approximate clues to age would also be welcome. Also is it likely to be German, do you think. Many thanks!