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  1. I’m borrowing a cello from my aunt, it’s been sitting in a closet for upwards of 13 years. I was trying to tune it and the strings were so low, but I couldn’t tighten them anymore or they would snap. I’m pretty sure I need new strings, does anyone have any stores they recommend buying from?
  2. Lyd

    Just got a Cello

    I just got a Cello. It had been sitting in my aunts closet for a long time, and when I got it out the strings were very lose, and some were off the pegs. It’s a Knilling cello, but I’m not sure of the make, model, or even size. Any tips regarding to setup?
  3. I am interested in buying a violin but am very low on funds. I’ve been reading up on violins and most every article I’ve read says you should not buy a cheap violin online, as they are basically toys. I’ve considered renting, but that is also expensive. Any ideas as to how i could get a violin