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  1. Newby here. Lurking for several years. I have the same questions as the OP and this discussion went off on a tangent sort of. 1. Is there any more recent opinion or experience regarding the effect on the sound of using a shim rather than doing a neck reset. 2. Did I read correctly that the neck wedge is reversible? I hope. I ask because luthiers are rare here. One of unknown ability and experience (my stupidity for using) just did the wedge when I thought I was paying for a reset. He offered a longer neck included in the price, but after what I have learned recently, I'm glad he didn't try to replace it. Now the thick neck is feeling awkward and giving me problems. At first I was sure that must be my imagination. The sound is not as good as before, nasal, my second biggest concern. I asked several times if he had run into anything unexpected or if there were any problems. Could not get an answer. I don't know if it had a through neck. If there was a problem, we should have discussed it, my ignorance and inexperience notwithstanding. Yes, it was an old trade instrument, which was pointed out at least every other sentence, but it was very sweet sounding. Strings were too far off the fingerboard, but I managed to learn on it. Different bridge but height of the new one is the same as the old one. (I measured.) Different sound post. Longer tail piece and the ratio of before and after string length is not, as I read on these forums, that which it should be. I bought a shorter tail piece as an experiment (he tossed the old one, and the almost new gut core strings) and am trying to decided if I should try to install or hire someone different. Will eventually put same brand of strings back on, but they cost a lot. Not going back to same place. There were other problems as well, but I guess you can't devalue an instrument with little value to begin with. Unfortunately I didn't know that was going to be the standard for the work being done. At least I got it back. I was becoming concerned about that.