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    Natinonal park "Los Alcornocales" Southern Spain
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    Woodworking, electronics, forging, fine swords of all sorts, baroque music and arts, martial arts...
    Nature, the poetry of live and obviously the beauty of women is my inspiring stream.

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  1. Si, el diseño original nuca lo sabremos con completa seguridad, así lo que nos queda es copiar o crear algo propio.
  2. Joaquín! Estoy seguro de que cuando los antiguos crearon el primer violín, lo diseñaron siguiendo algún método parecido al que tu has creado y los siguientes simplemente heredaron el diseño haciéndole retoques "a ojo" para probar cosas nuevas. Por lo tanto es prácticamente imposible que todos las formas entren en un sistema de diseño geométrico.
  3. Interest them in fiddle collecting!
  4. I practice Aikido and shaolin chi-gong among others. I know how to conserve inner peace when attacked in any way...
  5. I never regard anybody as rude (unless he is coming with a sword to cut me in half) and if I know he is wrong I try to tell him that politically. If somebody regards me as rude although that has never been my intention then I try to be even nicer.
  6. We can't know why someone acts like he does, but we can give the best of ourselves to be kind with everyone even if our opinions are opposite. That is diplomacy.
  7. I have nothing against the truth. But if we a want to see a better world we've got to start on ourselves!
  8. I'm always amazed to see well educated adult people disagree over insignificancies in certain ways.... Keep diplomacy! Diplomacy!
  9. Why don't you found the maestronet party? And get rid with all this trouble? I got the Idea first... So I'm gonna be president!
  10. Trying to resume, Neck angle = 5-6° or 85-84° at the heel. String angle = neck angle + >1° Overstand = wedge = overstand. String angle over the bridge = ???
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