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  1. The person I got for cello from said “something was done to the varnish” (treated? Polished?) but not very specific about it. Again the cello wasn’t well cared for, and I am certain they made a mistake letting someone do anything to the varnish. I do know for a fact this occurre when the fingerboard was replaced more than 4 years ago.
  2. Like I explained below I think someone put a substance like polish that actually melted or stripped the varnish a bit.
  3. One, this cello was very poorly kept and treated. I think the varnish was also tampered with by someone who did not know how to treat it (with polish or something). Another point is it was kept in very humid conditions and it’s old case melted into the varnish. All very unfortunate. It sounds better than it looks. two, my son isn’t actually a cellist (yet). Please excuse his bow hold!
  4. This is a smallish 7/8 cello that is on loan to me. I am very curious about how old it might be and of course, who the maker might be. The person who was storing this cello seems to know nothing about this cello except it’s “old”. Help appreciated!!