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  1. Updated original post with results from my luthier visit.
  2. I've got a question about luthier setups and upgrading parts. I've been looking around for an intermediate level violin to upgrade to from my $400 student violin, but I'm starting to wonder if I'd be better off just upgrading the parts on my current violin and getting an excellent setup. So my question is 1. How much could I potentially improve a student violin by just having a luthier upgrade things like the bridge, soundpost, and tailpiece, and giving it a proper setup? 2. how much of a difference would a setup by a good luthier now have from the simple setup the violin had a year ago when it was sent to the shop for sale? 3. Is it worth taking my violin to a good luthier to see what he can do to make my violin better or is it better to just save up for a $2000 or so violin in the near future? UPDATE: I took my violin to a luthier to give it a look over and make sure its setup was good. He said the E string was a little high, but within acceptable standards and not worth adjusting, and otherwise, it was a good setup and he said nothing he could do to it like replacing the bridge or tailpiece would make a noticeable difference. While I was there I tried out a bunch of old German workshop violins, my favorite being a $2500 1890 Thomas Ernst. I also tried a $950 Martin Beck, but I didnt like it very much. On my way home I took a sharp turn and went to Y. Chen's shop, a Chinese luthier who lives here but has a workshop in China where he makes his instruments. I tried 4 in my price range and noticed a big difference compared to my current violin. They were actually very nice, resonant, and loud! I especially liked the $800 Arcos Brasil A. Carualho silver pernambuco bow I got to use in the shop. Even made my current violin sound much better. So at least I figured out that my current setup is fine and in order to improve the sound I need a new violin and a new bow. So now I will start saving money and go back to these two places (and probably a couple more. I hear there's a Romanian workshop dealer in town as well). Overall, a good day
  3. Hey there, I'm trying to save up for a nice violin as an upgrade from my $400 student model and I thought I would ask here what I should be on the lookout for under $3000 for a vintage or antique instrument. A local shop has some old turn of the century German trade violins for sale in my budget that are pretty cool. (John Juzek, Hopf, Claudiu Baltazar (Romania), Penzel, some Stradivarius copies, etc.) I am an amateur and only play for fun but I would like get an idea of what's out there within my budget.
  4. Hi, I'm considering trying out the Suzuki Method for violin. I have Book 1 already, I just need to figure out a good practice routine. I have a teacher who is familiar with Suzuki, but lets me play whatever I want. I have 20+ years of previous music experience, so my general music theory is pretty good I just want to know what people who have done Suzuki or teach Suzuki would recommend for a daily structured (possibly timed) practice routine. I usually practice between 1 and 2 hours every day.
  5. Violin. I should probably update my original post to say that.
  6. So... After 20 years or so of only having to read bass clef (and some occasional tenor clef) for trombone, I find myself having to read treble clef again (violin) which I haven't done since 5th grade piano lessons. I can still read it, but not nearly with the speed and precision I can with bass clef. Plus I keep reverting back to bass clef sometimes when I'm reading it from being brainwashed and conditioned for bass clef. Any tips on how to make this transition easier or faster?
  7. Hi, I'm looking for lesson book recommendations for people picking up violin as a second (or third) instrument meaning something that focuses on the violin specifically and less on things like general music theory as I've had plenty of that in high school and college. My situation is that I've been a concert and jazz trombonist for many years and also play guitar and piano, but I've never touched a violin. So is there anything you guys or girls can think of that would suit my needs? Thanks for your suggestions
  8. Please remove this post.
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