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  1. Anne Akiko Meyers has at least 2 nice fiddles, and at one time had three.
  2. Also, to my untrained eye, the f-holes look more like Guarneri f-holes...perhaps the pros can chime in? Anyways, its pretty and if it sounds good, why not?
  3. Label says 1718 model. My limited understanding is that the later the model copied, the better quality. This particular model seems to be an IVR model, meaning bottom grade product. I bought mine for CONSIDERABLY cheaper and it is an IXR. ONLY reason I even bought it was because it played extremely well and sounded great. I think that a buyer with patience could do much better than this particular instrument.
  4. I could swear she owns the Molitor Strad, and a back-up Strad, as well as having been loaned the Del Gesu now....So that's 3 multi-million dollar violins. Unreal! Btw- there is an article or interview out there that states that Meyers' second Strad is her "back-up." LOL Anyways, when she looks as stunning as she plays, I think 2 Strads and a Guarneri might be fitting. IMO.
  5. I wonder if this "money violin" is similar to Strads and Guarneri's...meaning, if one were to use Monopoly money, would the sound be any different? Undervalued? Of what about Chinese currency?
  6. OP is probably long gone. Last activity 2 days ago. It was fun while it lasted.
  7. 1. I correctly stated that a shop owner, if a bona fide purchaser, is shielded from liability. THIS IS DIFFERENT from stating a shop owner can obtain legal title over stolen goods. My statement is that a bona fide purchaser may be protected from liability for damages claims by the original owner. 2. Statute of limitations for theft is generally 1 to 3 years in the jurisdiction in which I live. I do not know of any statute of limitations that run 20 years for theft offenses.
  8. Never said you can obtain legal title to stolen property.
  9. My mother always told me that if you ask a question, be prepared for answers, whether you like them or not. Asking for opinions from both highly esteemed luthiers here and the average joe like me, you will get all sorts of answers. OP, I am not a doubter, but look at some of these posts and the names of people who are posting, many are cream of the crop and well-known and respected. Objectively viewing the comments, you are saying that a single examination by your luthier, who's identity we still do not know, trumps the opinions of everyone else here and therefore everyone who commented are doubters? That is a harsh generalization, and not very appreciative of the time spent by these "doubters." Lastly, I would rather have more doubts to overcome than not so that when I finally get a consensus of authenticity, it is worth all the more than one opinion by one luthier.
  10. 20 years ago? Hate to sound apathetic, but if you (your parents) were compensated through insurance, and the violin was stolen 20 years ago, it is unlikely that any legal remedy exists due to the statute of limitations. Also, if a shop owner, and its predecessors, did not know (or should have known) that the violin was stolen when purchased, they are bona fide purchasers thus shielding them from liability. This opinion is all based upon a vacuum of facts and not meant to be any sort of legal advice whatsoever.
  11. Not only do I like the videos, I like her as a violinist. While I cannot rank her on par with some of the past and even present greats, she is human and that is what makes her playing enjoyable. She plays through mistakes like a champ and without even a flinch. Totally dig everything about her! BTW-I love the video about what is in her violin case!
  12. What an honor! Now I am seriously thinking about buying a modern made violin! Congrats! On a side note...dang, THREE sonatas in one recital??? Only a violist would think of that! LOL
  13. What is your price range? I am always skeptical of ebay and amazon violins. There are so many luthiers that offer very good beginner violins these days. If your son is advancing and enjoys playing, I would shell out a few hundred more and get him something with a little more longevity. The other alternative is craigslist. With craigslist, you usually inspect the instrument prior to buying.