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  1. I have watched her Tzigane and rather liked it. It was over the top but I liked it. I wouldn't play it like she did, nor the Beethoven (if I could ever finish learning it), but I can see what she is trying to accomplish in terms of relaying her emotions. Imagine Janis Joplin doing covers of Christian hymns...that is my take.
  2. Stephen, is this the lady who plays bare footed? I think I like her
  3. I have never quite understood these debates. The beauty of music, musicians, and performances, is that all are diverse. If someone thinks a piece should be played a certain way, that person can play it that way or listen to someone/group that plays it that way. There are plenty of traditionalist soloists and ensembles out there. There are plenty who push the envelope. There are plenty who blend the old and new. The problem, but also the solution, is that music is an ever-evolving art form. Why debate one way or another? Its not like Bach on traditional instruments will be a thing of the past. There are so many people interested and devoted enough to continue the traditions. Lastly, it about personal taste. If you don't like it, it fine. Its fine to voice an opinion. But why pass judgment on others for their personal tastes when it comes to classical music? I don't get it. Play how you want. Listen to what you want. Here is a great quote: "rejoice with those who rejoice, mourn with those who mourn." Play with your friends and let those who don't like you play with their friends. No need to force people to like what you like.
  4. I could not find anything "funny" about this video because you freaking NAILED IT! It sounded BEEEEautiful! Honestly, I really liked your interpretation (although I am more of a fan of the reverse rolling chords in some phrases). Very nicely done!
  5. Really liked Lynn Harrel. His Hadyn in C is one of my favorite versions.
  6. I have learned and tried all three (3) scale systems to some extent or another. My last two teachers (from years and years ago) both preferred Galamian. So....I only use Galamian now. Here are some takeaways from my daily routine lately. Keep in mind, I am not a professional, semi-professional, or anything close. I do teach young children and play in a few groups regularly. I practice scales every day. But I do not practice them in a consistent routine like playing all 12 major keys non-stop. The way I do them... 1. Every other day, I play all 12 major keys non-stop. 2. I routinely have one major concerto that I am always trying to polish up. So, on alternate days, I practice scales in the key of that piece. I do 2 octaves, 3 octaves, and 4 when the piece requires it. I also do octaved scales and tenths. Then I like to do arpeggios. 3. On days that I am not practicing a concerto, I practice short pieces. Those days are the ones that I am just playing through three octave scales. The problem that I am having is that I tend to prefer D-major With so much more time on my hands lately, I find myself practicing a lot more. I also see myself practicing haphazardly. So I say to you, the OP, just make sure you have a system and keep it on lock down (no pun intended). You are a student and this is your thing. Music is only my outlet and I work in my main profession from home, so I can get away with haphazard practicing.
  7. Watched this Last night! Thanks for posting this Rue! EVERYONE should watch this on PBS. Its free. Download the app.
  8. Facts are facts. COVID-19 pandemic is serious. I'm not saying that we need to confine ourselves to our homes 100%. As human beings, we need the elements (ie: sun, air, etc.). We need supplies. We need food. These are things that we can get and should not panic for. BUT, if we practice social distancing, we can indeed slow down the spread and nature (with help from science) will stabilize the situation. Critical infrastructure must be saved during this time. We must also exercise economic caution because too much (individual and government) spending, or not enough spending, will have lasting effects well after the pandemic stabilizes and subsides. I am not conservative nor liberal. I am both. We need to bail out families, but we also need to bail out some critical big companies. For example, lets say we have 10 major airlines. The government fails to bail them out right now. Lets say half of those airlines cannot survive afterwards. We as the consumer will get hit with higher prices for air travel as a result. We are all connected. Socially, economically, emotionally, etc. Apathy is never the answer.
  9. Omg. CARDIO! What a great reference! So funny! and yes, Korean zombies are weird. Have you seen train to bus Pusan? They are crazy athletic zombies.
  10. Omg. CARDIO! What a great reference! So funny! and yes, Korean zombies are weird. Have you seen train to bus Pusan? They are crazy athletic zombies.
  11. Ok. This sounds really interesting. I will start wtaching.
  12. I am Korean and tend to stay away from K-drama. You say the King is a zombie? The queen is copulating with a zombie? Gross.
  13. Am I missing something? Last time the OP posted anything on this forum was February 15, 2010... Anyways, I would rather have the problem with a loud instrument than a muted instrument. Just learn the play it and adjust.
  14. It is not the issue of whether it should be discussed. The issue is that in this forum, as well as many others, we have "internet warriors" who think that they are experts in all things beyond music, as well as within the forum topics. Misinformation and interpretations of misinformation is dangerous. I love this forum, but I have been hesitant in posting often because of a few select individuals who seem to know everything. I understand that this occurs everywhere, but by limiting threads and issues to the actual topic at hand, it can eliminate some unnecessary drama. Am I wrong?