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  1. There is nothing wrong with playing Devil's Advocate and I have no problem with you doing so here. I do have problems with the fact that you are taking your opinions and asserting them as fact to support your position. How do you know St. John needs a career revitalization? DO you know her income or lack of opportunities? Same goes for your comment equating old age to ability to commit assault. I'm sure I have been pushed in this forum to make a statement with a lack of foundation, although I try not to, but c'mon...really? Paganini with a file? I'm sure you will reply with some dissertation that makes you sound profoundly intellectual. ANyways, I do value your opinion, just not your method of belittling others' opinions.
  2. 1. Does having children make a difference? 2. Does the quantity of children make a difference? Just curious where you were going with this one.
  3. The crux of the argument (at least for many of us) is NOT whether he was guilty. The argument is two fold: 1. St. John reported it to the president of the institution and her allegations were dismissed; and 2. She came forward again at a time where she was in a safer place to report the conduct again, albeit decades later. Now, my problem with the counter-arguments is not the counter-argument itself. Allegations are just that: allegations. A few here are choosing to use her album cover (which happened years later) and her reputation (whether she is considered skilled or whether her level of fame needs rekindling) as excuses. There are, at least in the US, rape shield rules and evidence rules that generally preclude reputation evidence, UNLESS the victim brings the issue into light. St. John's conduct years later, and after the fact, is attenuated at least and are irrelevant to the issues. From a personal perspective, coming out for me was never about putting the offender behind bars or any other motive. It was about being able to tell the story and move on. No one truly knows St. John's motive in coming out. But that doesn't change either of the two main points I made above. This story will allow others to feel less inhibited in reporting unlawful behavior. Subsequently, if an investigation shows nothing unlawful occurred, then shame on the alleged victim. But if the unlawful behavior did occur, then we begin healing and creating a safer place for ourselves and children.
  4. Wait. Take a minute and breathe. Everyone. this incident took place in the 1980s. I said it before, it was a much different time then. Not only did most teenagers not talk to their parents back then (which is still the general case), but a 14 year old whose life was 80% violin...can you imagine? What did she know of the real world? Not much. She likely did not have the same social skills that a run of the mill 14 year old did. Maybe. Who knows? But we do know she said something to the highest person of authority she could think of. When something this awful happens to you, I’m sure most people don’t take a calm and logical approach to getting help. This kind of abuse is deep. It really mind f—ks your soul. It makes you feel like shit. For Ms. St. John to have even approached the president of Curtis...that took guts.
  5. Oh, no doubt..this forum is a great resource. My point was that (aside from the obvious inconsistencies such as using euros when living in the USA) it is unusual for someone to throw that kind of money around looking for a valuable instrument if the person is a beginner. If not a beginner, then there should be some base knowledge of how to shop for an instrument. Hopefully, we can help the OP here. OP--if "LA" means Los Angeles and not Louisiana, then try Metzler, Benning, Weishaar, and LA Violin. I have been to all four and pretty impressed with the collections they have amassed, as well as their knowledge.
  6. OMG. I am so stupid. Did not realize how old this thread was. I am glad that you (the OP) was able to find a method. For the person who revitalized this thread, go Suzuki! LOL
  7. I'm not sure what the OP is trying to accomplish here. If someone has that kind of money and wants a nice fiddle, it is reasonable that the person knows a thing or two. So that being said, instead of spending time here asking this question and dragging out debate, I would just google shops in the area that have been around for awhile or have good reviews from local professionals and just try instruments.
  8. It is so easy to take one side over another in these types of cases because the assault in question didn't happen to us. On that note, opinions will be all over the spectrum and tempers will flare. I will come forward and say that I too have been a victim. Not rape, but a person of power trying to use that power against me if I did not accept sexual advances. I felt shame and did not come forward until many years later, and even then, only to a select few people. Here are some things to consider: 1. in the 80's, there was a huge stigma regarding the reporting of sex assaults for women. There still is, as evidenced by this thread. Coming out years later can mean several things, but for me, it took time for me to be okay with myself to come forward. 2. St. John, around the time of this incident, was a 14 year old female who knew nothing of the real world outside of a decade of being in the classical music bubble. 3. The album cover defense is non-sense. Go ask Madonna, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, or anyone who has posed on any media medium if the intent was to be assaulted. Mutter and Akiko-Meyers almost exclusively wear strapless tops. Pretty sure they aren't asking for anyone to assault them. I don't think any human being should be shamed on appearance. 4. Again, age matters not. The power and authority one has, even in the form of pre-eminence from a 90 year-old, and using that power and authority to create duress-like situations is the issue. 5. Last but not least, any sexual assault against a minor (and I'm not specifically referring to rape) is usually a strict liability offense. This usually means, intent on the actor doesn't matter, consent doesn't matter, most defenses will not work.
  9. Lol. Stop hating on the Suzuki Method. I'm not necessarily advocating it, but it is the quickest way to get any student (child or adult) to get some basic techniques while getting a good bit of repertoire under your fingers. If you don't plan on taking lessons, this method will get you pretty far without a teacher since you already have piano under your belt. It is like any method, you can't start with the mind-set that you have experience and can just skip the easy stuff and get to playing a Handel Sonata because you may have played something on a similar level in highschool. I took quite a few years (nearly 2 decades) off. The last piece I officially took lessons on was Bach Unaccompanied Sonata number 1, first two movements (are they called movements?). I took out my old Suzuki books and began playing from book 1 with my then 4 year old. Played every piece as if I was performing the Mendelssohn violin concerto. Twinkle variations never sounded so good. Since then, I have taken on the tasks of learning and re-learning 3 major concertos and some more Bach unaccompanied sonatas and partitas. My point, I never down-played the beginner level stuff. One of your goals is to play the Bach double. The second violin part for the first movement in the Bach double is in book 4 of the Suzuki Method. The pieces in books 1 through 4 contain the rhythms, runs, bowings, and other technique found in the Bach double. Simply put, the pieces are designed (not always well designed) to get you to that next piece. Plenty of stuff on youtube and plenty of materials on the internet to supplement this method. Just my two cents.
  10. I do not disagree, but the word "investigate" is not necessarily limited to solving a crime. One can investigate a claim to assess strengths and weaknesses.
  11. Hi again Luke, Members here really do try to help. I too have a question about what you are looking for. In agreement with what Phillip previously said, put the monetary value of the instrument to the side first. You say you do not prefer modern instruments. That's fair. You also say you tried many instruments but none satisfied you. That's a good foundation. Now you know what you don't like. But--it also seems that a secondary category that you are using in your search is the "maker." I say put that aside too. Do not worry about the maker unless you are shopping for an instrument that will appreciate in the future. Sound first. Value second. Having said all of that, there are many reputable shops willing to ship and loan instruments to play on for a week or so. Try looking around. To better help, tell us your location. Not simply "US." the US is a big country lol.
  12. If it sounds great, looks great, and most love the instrument...time will only help monetarily appreciate the instrument, especially a Roth viola.