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  1. To me, it is all pretty much muscle memory. If one practices under certain conditions and trains the brain and muscles to work a certain way under certain situations, you can overcome and gain mastery. After all, isn't that the basic concept of musician training or any other type of physical training?
  2. Yes. In fact, I do drink coffee right before any type of performance. I was just offering another perspective. Thank you for the additional input.
  3. Throughout the years, I have had performances where I totally botch an opening or a difficult passage, and performances where I had (what I perceived as) zero stage fright. Many teachers have given me many remedies like eating a piece of bread, or a banana, etc. I have also read about beta blockers and adrenaline reducing pills. My personal opinion is that I want adrenaline pumping through my body. I just want to control it. So, I practice at home with the television on high volume and kids and wife hanging out. I try to get into the habit of zoning out the peripheral and focusing on my music. I also jump rope for about 10 minutes prior to practicing so that I can learn to play with the adrenaline. Does this make sense? I dunno.
  4. I am sorry for bringing up the Stern controversy. It was not meant to stir up debate. It was also not meant to disturb the peace. I was in a rush when I posted because I was about to leave my desk. I brought up the Stern business because I just wanted to bring up how truly honorable Mr. Rosand was in how he overcame diversity and adversity, even among his peers. Again, I apologize.
  5. May you be blessed in the afterlife as you were here on Earth. Rosand was one of my go to recording artists when I was in need of "that something else." BTW, didn't Mr. Rosand once claim that he was blackballed by Stern?
  6. For me, I love both Evah green and gold, I don't know the approximate number of hours before they expire. I just change them when I hear unevenness or feel that the strings are not as smooth under my fingers. With all of that said, Manfio said it best:
  7. There are so many variables here. 1. What is the primary use for your instrument? Professional orchestra? Solo career? Occasional gigs? Teaching? 2. Sound alone is not how I choose strings. I also look for responsiveness and what the strings do to my instrument. I like Evah green a lot and use it primarily; however, Evah gold seems to warm up my violin and takes a little edge off. Not necessarily changing the sound but the timbre? I'm not entirely sure if that is the correct word choice. 3. What does "economical" mean to you? I think $80 to $120 for a set of strings is my comfort range, but it may be different for others. Here is my answer: Buy what you like and what you can afford.
  8. Right. That is why I asked where you obtained these pictures. If you got them from the internet, maybe you can track down the site and see what pieces they were accredited to? When you say from "printed sheet collection" what does this mean? I am also curious what pieces they are from.
  9. I am curious: Where did you obtain the photos of the two symbols?
  10. Norma Jean looks beautiful! I can imagine in 100 years, a philharmonic full of string players using similarly saped string instruments...kind of in the style of Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure! Ok, maybe not, but still innovative!
  11. Hello all, I was recently thinking about gifting some posters of notable instruments (ie: strad, guarneri, etc.) for members of my small chamber ensemble. Anyone know off hand any solid internet shopping sources? BTW-yes, I have tried googling but the results are monstrous. Thanks in advance!
  12. OMG! I was thinking the same thing and was reminded of the following loosely-related, but funny video: