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  1. One thing for sure, you will not get a feigning "nice cello" comment in the Maestronet forums. Most members are brutally honest, which btw I respect! Personally, I am brutally honest when it comes to instruments and bows. I won't be an ass and tell a colleague, friend, student that their instrument or bow is crap, but I will tell them whether its something that I would play and use. A luthier may or may not come from a different perspective. Most luthiers I know do relatively well (financially) and its not in their best interest to feign praise. On the other hand, I would not blame a luthier or shop if they feigned praise in order to continue to get business. Take my advice, next time someone says "nice cello," take pride and simmer a bit in those good feelings. Then, brush it off and move on. Dwelling on the comment and possible negative connotations will lead to insanity. And btw, when I say an instrument is nice, its based first upon initial looks, then sound, then playability. If someone said nice cello without touching, playing, or hearing it, its based upon aesthetics and you should smile.
  2. An orchestra is like any other business. Red tape, politics, favoritism, all of that non-sense comes into play. It is unfortunate. I do believe that many orchestras out there do try and find the balance between delivering quality art and the bottom line dollar. As it pertains to the Two Set guys, although I do enjoy them immensely and respect their skill set and craft, they are super young. In my experience in the non-music professional world, young people do indeed imbue a sense of entitlement that my generation has not really seen before. So, although I will give them deference and support them, I do so knowing that there is always another side to the story. Personally, if I was an orchestra manager and a newly minted, 20 year old member asked me if he/she could do an interview the soloist, lets say Perlman, I wouldn't say no, but I also would be thinking go ask yourself, don't use your orchestra position to leverage a way into your personal endeavor. That is my opinion be it right or wrong. I agree that they should have been allowed to pursue whatever endeavor in their free time and that the orchestra in question didn't really need to support them, but no need to block them from doing so by restricting access.
  3. Maybe Maestronet is trying to cancel itself.
  4. Nope. Show me where I said that please.
  5. Wait. Let's deal with the present. Someone's past doesn't necessarily discount someone's current actions. I am well aware of some of the statements Zukerman has made regarding Asians. What is at issue here is that he is showing remorse and apologizing. What world do we live in if we cannot acknowledge the present and attempts at course-correcting?
  6. A person once told me that if you are not the intended target or a part of the intended targets' group, the best way to show support is to just be there. Over-zealous and hyperbolic arguments from non-minority persons in support of equal rights and diversity do not go very far with me. I applaud and can respect most of the comments about racism, sexism, anti-labelers, Markie supporters, anti-vibrato baroque movement, etc...but I certainly cannot respect people who try so hard to be the poster child of a movement if that person is not a part of the intended targeted group.
  7. Wait. But a person who can show sympathy for Zukerman, a person who immediately recognized and apologized for his mistakes, is a racist? Isn't that the gist of your earlier comments? Isn't Zukerman's acknowledgement and apology a step in the fight against racism? I am not entirely sure I see the flow of your logic, or lack thereof.
  8. ....and THAT's how stereotypes begin!
  9. Woah. Admitting you were wrong and apologizing for conduct and statements that were (or were interpreted) as "racist" doesn't make anything more or less clear. Strad, I say this based upon reading many of your comments in these forums, you seem to make things very binary. There is nothing clear about whether Zukerman's conduct and statements make him "racist." I don't necessary frown nor do I support Zukerman's behavior. I do support the fact that he apologized immediately, AND BEFORE the masterclass aired. Lastly, am I racist for not being able to "see clear cut cases like this as being racist?" I am Asian, 100%. I took very little offense to Zukerman's statements and conduct. I was confused at some of them, yes. I didn't agree, yes. But that does NOT make me racist. And by the way, I DO have certain prejudices....but I am an equal opportunity lover/hater. What I do not do is take my preferences to the next level and become antagonistic and violent, nor do I try to disseminate and perpetuate my beliefs onto others. I state my opinions as food for thought and respect others, but I certainly do not try and make blanket statements that if you aren't on my side, you must be wrong.
  10. That is a much fairer assessment and judgment of what occurred. Yes, the mimicking is probably a no-no. I actually thought about this topic quite a bit and quite recently, prior to this discussion. Honestly, as an Asian, if someone tries to speak to me in my native language, I really don't want it done in an American Southern accent. I would rather you try and mimic the accent. Does that mean Zuckerman was in the right? No. But consider this, try singing a traditional Japanese folk song without mimicking the accent. Hmmm...I would argue that it really doesn't sound Japanese at that point unless you are singing actual Japanese lyrics. I speak with a Mexican accent when I order tacos in Mexican-Spanish. Does that make me racist? I certainly hope not. Zuckerman acknowledged the inappropriateness of his conduct and words. To me, that says alot. Lord knows that I have said and done things that others might find offensive, but I acknowledge, apologize, and try to change for the better.
  11. That was my analysis as well. Mr. Zuckerman has a history of creativity on his part and I truly believe that the Korean DNA effects on singing ability was an original. In fact, the Masterclass should be considered an NFT.
  12. I am sorry but I do not think that you are correct. A "stereotype" is a widely held belief about something or person(s) that is an oversimplification. Asian DNA not including ability to sing is NOT a stereotype. I am 100% Asian. Now, if you belong to some underground society where perpetuating the belief that Asians can't sing as a part of their genome sequencing, then I would be interested in learning more about this so-called "stereotype."
  13. But was the DNA and singing remark a stereotype? If so, as an Asian, I have NEVER heard this. In fact, just the opposite. BTS is an internationally recognized Korean band. Sumi Jo is an internationally renown opera singer. If he said something like all Asians are good at math. Okay. But inability to sing is not a stereotype that I have heard.
  14. I took a week long vacation and came back to this! 1. Zuckerman has made off-putting comments about Asians before. The question begs, does that make him racist or "bad?" Honestly, as an Asian, I tend to agree with some of the comments that Zuckerman has made in the past. Now, the comment about singing, DNA, Koreans, and Japanese...well...those comments, to me, were more confusing than offensive. I always teach my Asian and non-Asian students to sing their parts. It helps with memory and phrasing. Again, more confusing than offensive. 2. Soy sauce? I am sorry, but that was a good suggestion. 3. Zuckerman is old. He comes from a different era. I think that being "woke" should include younger generation opening their eyes to the fact that every decade carries with it some things that were acceptable then, but not now, and trying to empathize. Wokedness should not be the other end of a spectrum that includes racism. It should be about understanding, working towards common ground, and conversing. Not about "cancelling" and shunning. 4. I have strong opinions about Zuckerman. Good and bad. Frankly, I like him overall and think that he is a wonderful teacher in terms of getting students to understand the mechanics of the violin and bow. Through that, and some of his playing, I surmise that he is an overall decent human being. Not bad, not evil, not necessarily racist. But who truly knows? Only he does right? Just offering some food for thought here.
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