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  1. I think that the OP was a one and done. Lots of great replies considering the lack of information and pictures of the "Guarneri."
  2. YES! Thank you. I was thinking the same over the weekend. I remember that I never got the choice or opportunity to pick my own violin. My father would simply get one and it would have to do. I will let my son decide. Hopefully, the Attic Find is in the running with the ones he already narrowed down.
  3. I will. Once in hand, I will post good pics of all three.
  4. LOL I am also wondering. But, after all these years and having read enough threads on Maestronet, I will confidently guess German usual trade instruments. My borther is coming to see me in two weeks. No need for UPS or other shipping. Waste of money.
  5. Yes. I will want to get the work done on the Attic Find anyways, regardless of whether it will turn out to be a nice violin for my son. Thank you for the advice.
  6. Thank you. I already know that spending the $500 or so to get it back into playing condition is worth it. It has no visible cracks and is in very nice condition. I realize that I am asking for answers based upon loose information, but that is pretty much the meat and potatoes of online forums. Based upon the info that I have provided, I am seeking opinions.
  7. Preliminary notes: Yes. I already spent about 30 minutes on a simple google search and looked up as much info prior. Attic Find: My childhood home is being prepped to sell as my elderly parents need to downsize. In or around 1992, my father bought a violin from his friend for about $600. I played this violin for about a year and then cannot remember what happened to it. I remember that it sounded sweet, but not quite powerful. The violin came with a certificate of authenticity but I cannot remember where it would be. Fast forward to this morning--my mother told me that she had 3 violins to send to me. I asked her for pictures and to read the labels, but she is old LOL. The Violin: The violin (we will call it the "Attic Find" for now) is purported to be a French violin, very good condition. The label says (as the certificate of authenticity matched) Lutherie Artistique M. Couturieux. My mom cannot read much more than that, although the label is clear as day (her eyesight is bad). I remember the date being 1910. NO BOWS @PhilipKT Question: My son is ready to move onto a big boy violin. We have auditioned a great sounding, but not aesthetically pleasing, JTL Barnabetti, and some other really nice violins. My mom will be sending me the Attic Find in a couple of weeks. Once I get the violin, what of the following should I do? 1. Get it cleaned, sound post adjusted, new bridge, new strings, new fittings, and give to my son as his upgrade? Keep in mind that I remember liking the violin and thinking it sounded ok, but that was Suzuki Book 2 me decades ago. What did I know back then? 2. Try to sell it and just shell out the $5k or more on one of the violins we already auditioned and narrowed down? 3. Keep it AND shell out money for a new violin? I don't have a whole lot of additional information from my google search so additional commentary and information from the experts here are welcome. And I know, pictures would help but I just don't have the violin in hand yet.
  8. Perhaps "haggle" is too harsh a term. Is it acceptable to negotiate an instrument price at your local instrument shop? If so, what are the parameters? I do not want to rub the owner the wrong way nor simply accept the listed MSRP.
  9. Sorry to revive this topic, but my son recently dated a Barnabetti JTL, "Betty" as we call her. She was not the prettiest gal we had seen but she sang like Pavarotti on the low end and Mariah Carey from the mid to high end. My son is not shallow but for some reason, I am. I do not like the way this gal looks. Question, assuming the violin plays wells and is responsive, and assuming she sounds really good, would you buy this instrument for an intermediate level student who is your child?
  10. Yes. Yes he did. And after 3 minutes, you were more than welcome to stop listening.
  11. Have you seen the Eine Kleine by Roman Kim? This dude is amazing. And what's going on with his fingerboard? Looks like fret marks. And his use of the right thumb is great! I do this on the guitar but have never though to do it on the violin. And....I know, it is grammatically incorrect and/or frowned upon to start a sentence with "And." And, it is more than his technique and ability. He is thinking outside the box as to how to achieve certain sounds and phrases. The most impressive thing for me is that Mr. Kim has the mind to be able to orchestrate, transpose, and arrange a symphony to be played by a single violin.
  12. Before anyone starts their recommendations, etc., I have already decided on a new case. Question: Has anyone heard of a company called muzikus.sk? They seem to be the ONLY place with the case I want. Is it a legit company? No need to bash the company, just need to know if its legit. Thanks in advance!
  13. Temianka arranged the Fugue from Bach Violin Sonata no. 1 in G minor to be played by string quartet. It is wonderful.
  14. Poor comparison at best. Wayne and Garth were portrayed as idiots with very little intelligence. Brett and Eddy seem to be intelligent and many of their videos educate the public.
  15. They are relevant. They are learned. They are adept at the violin. They are funny. Age makes no difference in what they are doing. If their target demographic is give or take 5 years around the age of Brett and Eddy, then those followers will be of the same mind set and the humor, appeal, what-have-you, will remain relevant to at least THAT generation. Ultimately, they are popular and have brought classical music to a demographic that conventional means would have likely never reached. They can "get away" with whatever they can as long as the audience lets them. That is the answer.
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