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  1. Lol maybe. No that violin ☝️ is definitely the one.
  2. There are 3 numbers written on the finger board 729 ?
  3. Yes but there is such a large spectrum of quality from crap to very good with Craske. One of the best Craske violins I payed was at Turners a maggini copy with the double purfling. It was one of the most responsive violins I’ve tired and so even across all strings. I have a feeling the Craske you tried at Bens may have been the violin I learnt to play on. There is a picture of it on his site still but I think it’s sold
  4. Best value for money must be a (GOOD) George Craske! I’ve only played on 3 Hesketh violins but some of the Craskes I’ve played are far better tone wise. But maybe only 25 percent of Craskes are really good.
  5. Yes I was thinking Voller brothers would be in the top 3. But I have no idea how one sounds compered to the copy. Anyone ever played a Voller violin?
  6. Forster and banks don’t have the projection for violins. As a chamber music instruments they would be right up there!
  7. Better than John Lott in your opinion?
  8. Is there one particular maker that stands out above all the rest in terms of quality of work and tone of instrument? Sorry it may be a stupid question but I’ve often thought if I could have any British violin who would be the maker? ( not makers still alive)
  9. I payed as a child and just love violins. I started doing this 10 months ago. I guess I look in places a lot of people are to proud to look. Rest is probably dumb luck. If I see a violin I like I check every auction Sale result then I check online for examples in every good dealers shop. Then just go for it. I wish I had the knowledge of a lot of people on this site!!
  10. No I never went anywhere dangerous! 5 years of boxing rugby and alcohol abuse. Sorry please explain the reference book part? I don’t have anything rare book wise. Maybe a few old English ones that you don’t have. But they are pretty much obsolete!
  11. Yes yes flip-flops are a bad habit for being in the army I wear them all year round! Checked table for tampering, there wasn’t any so he put the table back on, new bridge, sound post, pegs and strings.