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  1. I always thought this was rather nifty:
  2. An IKEA desktop and trestles have served rather well for my minimal bench
  3. https://www.liuteriashop.com/en/tools/Violin-viola-bending-iron Like this?
  4. Hi, some great photos here https://www.mimo-international.com/MIMO/doc/IFD/OAI_CIMU_ALOES_0162025#tab2
  5. Some dimensions from the 1987 catalogue: (hopefully i'm allowed to post these) Body Length 323 Width ub 81.5 Width C 60 Width lb 103.2 Bottom block 22.1 Upper corner 21.6 Top block 21 Arch front 9 Arch back 9.6 body stop 195 Distance between upper eyes 18.8 Distance between lower eyes 48 f hole length 45 Total length of scroll 99 Width of ears 35.6 width at heel, back of scroll 24.4 Total depth of volute (front to back) 45.5 Height of first turn(top to bottom) 33.3 Narrowest point (top of scroll) 9.7 Widest point of pegbox 24.6
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