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  1. Thanks for your comments. In regard to the sound I think it's on the bright side but good quality. I plan to change the bridge to see if I can get it less bright . The bridge I cut for it was on the thin side.
  2. I have a correction. I believe it is Quincy, Illinois.
  3. I enjoy finding and learning about violins made in America . One of the challenges is finding out about makers who didn't end up in books or get sold at auctions. I understand this could be for number of reasons including just not good enough quality compared to other makers, limited sales etc. This violin I'm posting is fairly recent so I am hoping someone from the area might know about the maker. The violin has nice wood and the workmanship is good but not outstanding in my opinion. The violin is labeled Made By Lee Salero Gaincy Illinois 1962 #86. Any comments would be welcome.
  4. The f holes are not fluted. In regards to the scroll being like a Juzek I have had master art Juzek models and the scrolls are more deeply dished out than the Neiman. Regarding the chinrest I think it was advertised as a Guarneri-Hill style model.
  5. That's a good idea. Thanks
  6. Yes. I have played it. I have multiple instruments I play on. I like to get them set them up and see what they sound like. This violin seems to have a mellow tone with an evenness across all strings. It is easy to play with an excellent response.
  7. I have a violin with the label of Aaron and Robert Neiman Louisville KY 1931. The workmanship is good especially the scroll which makes me wonder if this was something they purchased. I would be interested in any information about these makers. I have checked all the standard references including Wenberg but no success. Thanks for your help.
  8. Thanks. I was pretty sure it was standard cottage industry product. I thought it interesting that Skinners Auction listed a violin as Modern German violin Richard Bendel Markneukirchen 1921. The price it sold for $480 is more reflective of what the violin is.
  9. Here is a better phot of the name.
  10. I have a violin labeled Richard Bendel Markneukirchen 1921. There is a monogram on the label which looks like an R over an H in a circle which is confusing if the name is Bendel making me wonder if its not Hendel.There is little information about Bendel if he even existed. There were Hendels listed as working in Markneukirchen but the examples I found don't look to the same style of work as the instrument I have at least to me. There have been some Bendels sold at auction and Sullivan Violins has one listed for $5000.00. Any additional information would be appreciated.
  11. The crack is off to the side of the center seam.
  12. Thanks for the information about the Albert family. I do have Wenberg's book. I have tried to compare this violin to examples of the different family members but I can't see much in common. I guess the American Star Violin referenced on the label was not made by an Albert family member but by unknown violin makers that worked for the Albert who founded the shop. I have not been able to find any examples with this label to compare the style of making. That's why I thought it could be a violin they imported.
  13. I am interested in finding out more about this violin which has a label "E. Albert sole agent of John Alberts American Star Violin." There is an eligible signature written across the label and dated 1907. I think this is probably a violin exported by them. The violin appears to have all 4 corner blocks with linings butted against them. The scroll is fluted almost to the end. I also am wondering whether the violin is worth having the cracks repaired. Two of the cracks have previous repairs which are solid but cosmetically unattractive. Two need repaired. Any information would be appreciated.
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    Violin I.D.

    Thanks I appreciate getting that information.
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    Violin I.D.

    Based on the fact this is "the usual I assume that would place it being made sometime during the 19th century.