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  1. I'm curious that if this violin came into a shop for resale (which I have no plans to sell this) other than what has been suggested would they do anything else like more extensive varnish touch?
  2. Thanks for all the responses. Jacob you are right on target about Markneukirchen this violin is labelled as being made by Albert Willi Martin who according to Wenburg was born in Markneukirchen and studied under E. Kessler an W. Martin and worked in the shops of Winterling, Van der Meer and Hornsteiner. Supposedly he used some type of copal varnish.
  3. I would like ideas about the best way to restore this violin. There is wear into bare wood on the upper bout to a depth of about 1mm. Also on the back there is an imprint of cloth in the varnish on the upper bout. Corners on the top will also need repairing. I'm curious about the lay out of the peg box since I have never seen this before. This violin was made by an American maker trained in Europe in the early 20th century and I wonder if you can tell by the style of making where he was trained. Thanks .
  4. Metal liner is pinned and marked with Roman numeral 8. Guess I should read my post more carefully before posting it.
  5. Here is German bow with mother of pearl slide and backplate. The slide is pinned and marked with roman numeral 7. It is nickel mounted.
  6. Robb

    Swedish Violin

    I'm curious about how dealers evaluate instruments by obscure makers . Is the value based on workmanship, condition and sound ? Are there other factors as well ?
  7. Robb

    Swedish Violin

    Sorry my reply is so late I have been away and had no computer access. I don't know if he is still alive. When I started this topic I was hoping for some response regarding the style of making. If I had not identified the instrument would any one said it was Swedish. I guess as has been suggested before any given style of making can come from any country so identifying country of origin by style has limited value in newer instruments. In spite of this issue where would you think this was made if you didn't have the information?
  8. Robb

    Swedish Violin

    I'm looking for more information on a Swedish violin maker named Carlo Hansen, Lindome, Sweden. I have found a limited amount of information on the internet but would like to learn more if possible. The violin in the photos is labeled and stamped in several areas with his name and is dated 1986. Thank you.
  9. I'm still not sure about the origin of this cello. I wouldn't doubt it is German but the linings are not let into the corner blocks and the scroll is fluted to the end so more likely it is Mittenwald 19 th century based on the scroll but linings are not indicative of Mitterrand. Please correct me if I'm wrong .
  10. I think the cleat is an attempt to repair the rib but the repair didn't last.
  11. Does anyone know why the interior side of the ribs are white?
  12. Ribs are solid. Its difficult to find matching material but to patch or replace still is a decision I'll have make. It would be helpful to know the origin so I can make decisions about how much to put into it. Given the condition I don't think it will have much commercial value even repaired. Thanks for the responses so far.
  13. The sound post repairs on the front and back appear to be laid on the surface and not what would be considered a proper repair but seem to be holding. I have to remove the splinters and re glue them from the top removal. The rib repair looks challenging to me and I don't have any of the broken pieces. I was also wondering about the f holes as to the way they looked originally. They have and odd shape to me.
  14. I purchased this cello inexpensively because I wanted to have the opportunity to do a number of different repairs. The only thing I have done so far is remove the top. As can be seen the cello has many old repairs and needs new ones. I am open to suggestions (other than throw it away) as to where to begin. I also would like to have an idea of where it was made and the age of the cello.
  15. Thanks for your comments. In regard to the sound I think it's on the bright side but good quality. I plan to change the bridge to see if I can get it less bright . The bridge I cut for it was on the thin side.