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  1. @JPherson thanks! Heading to the post office w/ batch #1 now. @Nick Allen interesting! I'm learning that everybody has their own unique way of doing things so there's probably no such thing as a one-size-fits-all template for any part of violin making. I'm trying to make these based on best practices (in this case makingtheviolin.com which appears to be based on C&J) and then trying to give as accurate a description as I can so folks can decide for themselves whether it'll work or not.
  2. As mentioned in my last thread - I also ordered a laser cut neck shaping template for violin. When it first came the laser cutter had scaled it to the wrong dimension so it was a little too small. The corrected version just came in and is available for purchase here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/255015597370 This template is laser cut from 1.6mm thick aluminum. The outline is taken directly from the neck shaping template depicted here: http://www.makingtheviolin.com/Shaping the neck As seen in the third image, it's an almost exact match for the neck shaping template given in the C&J book. In the fourth picture you can see the smaller version that the laser cutter sent first. Due to the mistake you'll be getting 2 templates - the corrected one for a 4/4 violin and the smaller one that is probably about the right size for a 3/4 or 7/8 violin - it's definitely a little too big for my 1/2 size. Will combine shipping w/ the fingerboard scoop template I have listed - send me a message before paying and I'll send out an invoice. As with the other template, I'd like to give a discount for maestronet members - make me an offer for 12.99 and include "Maestronet" in the offer message and I'll accept it As discussed in the other thread - I'll probably be ordering some more templates for viola/cello soonish but I've got some wedding planning to do before I can devote time to drawing them up and ordering them so it might be a little while.
  3. Thanks for the kind words @Jim Bress! I'm glad you like the template! I found the same thing when I held it up to my most recent fiddle The viola template should be straightforward given the dimensions you posted - I'll try to put one together! The C+J violin neck shaping template is the one that I have on order - somehow the laser cutting outfit got the size wrong the first go round but hopefully I should be getting the correct version in the next week or so. If you are able to mail me a copy of the Strobel cello shaping template I can try to put that together too. Between the viola scoop template, cello scoop template, and cello shaping template maybe that will be enough to get the prices reasonable even w/ a low volume of orders. Are you happy with the shape of the cello scoop template I posted the other day (#2)? If somebody has suggestions I'm open to changing that top/bottom curve but so far I just went by the radius+width you gave me.
  4. Thanks @NickIsWorking - I've got a couple all packaged up that will be dropped off at the post office first thing monday morning. Sounds like there is some interest in a cello version we just need to be sure the shape is something all are happy with - I'm open to any and all suggestions for how to change the radius/profile of those top and bottom curves
  5. Thanks @Brad H! Interesting, thanks @Jeffrey Holmes - that nuance is what has me hesitant to design / order a cello template since I don't think I have adequate knowledge. I'm still happy to put an order together if we come up with a template that enough folks are interested in, though.
  6. The place I ordered from does give some discount for ordering multiple patterns at once in addition to ordering multiple copies of a single pattern. They handle the arranging on sheets themself and just give me a quote though, so I'm not sure exactly how it all works.
  7. I'm probably going to wait and see how the interest pans out on the ones I've designed so far before adding more to the list. I'd be happy to place an order for version 2 of that cello scoop template if there are 5 folks interested - I count two so far.
  8. Yup the dimensions are for the overall template so the additional length is for the convex part sticking out
  9. @Jim Bress@JPherson here is one design for a cello template. This is just over an inch wide so the top and bottom aren't usable arches like on my violin template - this obviates the romberg vs non-romberg discussion. The 1mm/0.8mm markings are aligned exactly with the deepest part of the scoop at 295mm from the nut end of the template. This would be about $25+shipping (each) if we find 5 takers, and closer to $20 if there are 10 folks interested. Here is the second option, which has the 64mm wide, radius 62mm curves at either end. This is a bit more - around $30+shipping if we get 5 and closer to $25 if there are 10 folks interested. Let me know what you think! I know at least one of you has a violin template coming so maybe wait and see how you like that before deciding whether to move forward with this.
  10. Thanks @Jim Bress! I'm ashamed to admit that I had no idea about the Romberg bevel until @duane88 just mentioned it - I had assumed cello boards were shaped like big violin boards. I wonder if it might make sense to make the template skinnier and just include the two scoop profiles without the radii on the top/bottom? That way it would save material and avoid the issue of differing ways to shape the cross section.
  11. Thanks - I've already packaged up the ones that have sold so far and will be bringing them to the post office first thing in the morning
  12. @JPherson@Jim Bress I would definitely be up for designing / coordinating a buy for cello templates. I think I might try to do more of a preorder for that as I have a feeling it will end up being more expensive (more material) and I'd rather not outlay for a bunch that won't sell. So to start I'll design the template and get some quotes for different amounts depending on how many folks want one. Do either of you have the correct dimensions for a cello? What I need is the length of the fingerboard, the width of the bridge at it's widest, the radius of the bridge/fingerboard curvature, the depth of the scoop at the midpoint of the bass side, and the depth of the scoop at the midpoint of the treble side.
  13. Before starting my next violin I've decided to do some toolmaking - I'll be posting a few designs over the next several weeks. I've always had some trouble ensuring that when I plane a fingerboard the scoop is evenly distributed from end-to-end. So I designed this template and had it laser cut. One side projects 0.75mm over 270mm and the other projects 0.5mm over 270mm, which are the numbers given by Michael Darnton in his setup chapter. The top and bottom have a 42mm radius outside and inside curve for marking bridges and planing the fingerboard, respectively. Having this laser cut was not much cheaper for one than for 20 since I had to use a whole sheet anyway. So I decided to use the full sheet and offer the others for sale: https://www.ebay.com/itm/255001481013 The price (14.99) is not much above cost for me, but I'd like to give a discount for maestronet members. When you go to buy just make an offer of 12.99 and include "maestronet" in your offer note and I'll accept it. I'll also be listing a laser cut version of C&J's neck shaping template soon (the laser cutter somehow cut it to the wrong size so I'm having it redone) - if you'd like that too you might want to wait to buy to combine shipping.
  14. Thanks for all of the help @Davide Sora!
  15. Thank you @Davide Sora! It's interesting that both of those issues you point out are with the volute/turns - that was the part of the drawing I was more confident in since it comes pretty much directly from the measurements on the poster. I definitely noticed what you pointed out in #2 regarding the unevenness of the spiral as it enters the volute from the throat. I think that comes down to the philosophical question that has been discussed on this board many times - is it better to copy an instrument flaw-for-flaw or is it better to copy the intent of the maker? I think in my case since I've already decided to make one template averaging the dimensions of each side of the scroll it probably also makes sense to try to correct for things like that. With respect to #1 do you think the correct solution is to make the template marginally larger than the numbers given on the poster so that when the bevels are added it approaches a match?
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