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  1. I play higher tension strings on my cello, that might solve your problem as they’re thicker, can be tightened to a higher tension so probably won’t move as much when bowed together i play double stops regularly & don’t get this problem (touch wood) ha Ive got an eva on the G & a Jargar on the C both high tension (stark) good luck Brad
  2. Thanks, i had the chance to play one for half an hour or , this was a few years ago and this one was bought from some shop, sorry I don’t know where, but it turned into an amazing sounding cello, warm & dark. I remember the owner saying at the time that it was a gamble when he bought it just as you say, it could have sounded rubbish even though it’s an original. Think I’ve been seduced thanks for reply
  3. Thanks guys for all replies !
  4. I was referring to my heading “Testore cello”, sure I know they’re expensive but i was asking where to look for one that needed restoration.
  5. Hi all, anyone know where I’d look to find old Italian cellos like the one above which require restoring?
  6. Gorilla “brush & nozzle” super glue Brad. TBH I’ve not used the nozzle but the brush has been all I’ve needed & means you don’t have the problems with the nozzle obviously. Can’t really think why I’d need to use the nozzle anyway as the brush leaves a cleaner job & feels more accurate. all best
  7. Good in terms of it is still possible to do a good rehair with
  8. Also, I had bought hair previously from a different supplier, which also was good hair, but it was more difficult to comb & I had to reject more bad hairs so there is a clear difference between the two deliveries!
  9. Does anyone have any advice on how I go about covering myself as regards breakages on bow rehairs? for example there could be a pre existing weakness in the head which could snap when tightening up the button and potentially I could be liable for this.
  10. lankuishuang (song Chung musical instrument co ltd) on eBay is what I use now for hair.i bought 500g for a good price & the comb goes through it nicely. Ive rehaired around 25 bows & am also new to rehairing bows, I’ve rehaired 5 of my own cello bows as well violin & viola bows & it works for me. length of 15mm x 6mm red pine from my local DIY store does all my wedges £2.50 in Scottish money good luck !
  11. Many thanks ! I started rehairing bows a few months ago, done about 20 or so and before I know it I’m doing it’s grown to doing other things, I served my time as a carpenter so using my hands isn’t too big a problem. Really enjoying messing around on the workbench & doing up a few bows even if they’re only for my own use it’s still a great hobby your “whalebone lapping photos helped also !