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  1. No that was me. I couldn’t for some reason get into my account.
  2. Thank you I truly appreciate your response. I Will have to find someone local for a quote on restoration or consider selling.
  3. The bow does seem to be missing something in one area
  4. Thank you all so much for your input. It is a German bow. All markings , reddish colored wood With not a single scratch, and octagon shape. Please excuse my ignorance. Pictures attached
  5. Just wondering if anybody could help me determine the authenticity of this violin. Purchased at an estate sale and was wondering if it’s even worth restoring. In person and has more of a reddish tone to the wood. On the inside it is stamped Medio Fino , and on the opposite side ( inside ) is a logo and initials JTL. I also can’t tell if those are actual cracks or just deep scratches on the back at the bottom. Thank you for time !