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  1. Michel Ange Garini (French JTL early 20th c), not nearly as good
  2. Thanks for the comments Jeff, I did manage to get some more photos, not much better I'm afraid. The fluting does seem to go high but the "equalateral-ness" of the CB's is really hard to assess as there doesn't seem to be any, haha. Based on that I'm assuming it's Markneukirchen late 19th C. Regards
  3. Here are some more photos Jacob, I'm not sure if they are helpful. I'd take my own but the cello is quite a drive away. Regards.
  4. Dear Grand Poobah, here's a better photo. Rgds.
  5. Okay thanks Jacob, I will get an answer to these questions.
  6. Unfortunately I won't be able to get that information for a few days. Assuming the linings are let in with a point and the scroll fluting goes well past 6 'o'clock, would you suggest Mittenwald, if not Dutzendarbeit? Thanks.
  7. I've started a new thread with photos - "Not L. Neuner but Mittenwald?"
  8. I'm pretty sure this is not L. Neuner as labeled, but I'm curious to know if it is from Mittenwald and from what era. Going through the checklist, it seems that some features point that way and yet some don't, notably the two piece bottom rib and the spine on the back of the peg box. Thanks.
  9. I'll start a new post with pictures, I'm pretty sure it's not a L. Neuner, but I'm wondering if it is Mittenwald.
  10. I found an interesting article about John Johnson who was a maker and repairer in Allentown, PA https://www.mcall.com/news/mc-xpm-2002-06-02-3404810-story.html
  11. Good to know, thank you Blank.
  12. Can you please help with some questions about this Richard Grunke cello with ivory frog. It is ivory, right? An approximate age? When did using ivory in construction generally become non-fashionable, nay frowned upon? Many thanks.