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  1. Urushi is the Japanese term for Asian Lacquer. There are a lot of different ways to use it. There are some low allergenic Urushi lacquers that you can buy. I have never used them before though, and neither has anyone I know. So I'm unsure of the quality and toxicity. People also have developed ones that can cure at around 50% humidity vs 70-80% for normal Urushi, and I will probably be using that to avoid warping the instrument. I am thinking of using either a fuki urushi finish, a tamenuri type finish, or a negoro finish to keep it simple. The resonant frequency of Urushi is supposed to be similar to Polyurethane. Is that a bad thing? I was thinking of around five super thin coats of lacquer, one to seal the wood, a black base, a color, and then two clear coats. In terms of sound, how does an unfinished violin sound vs a finished one? I have a friend who is pretty experienced with playing the violin so at least I can check the sound properly. The only other Urushi violin I have seen is this one but I don't think it was the best use of the material. For the products from the IVC, are the 200 dollar Strad copies any good? Is the main price difference just the look of the wood? Or should I step up to the European made ones? Do those just differ in the look of the wood as well? Also, have you tried either of the kits?
  2. Hi, I work with Urushi and I want to buy a white violin to rebuild and finish with Urushi. The most economical choice would be to buy the cheapest symmetrical white violin I can find but I would prefer to build one that's at least somewhat useful. I don't have enough/any experience to resurface and thin out a cheaper model so I was wondering if anybody had experience with a white violin that sounds decent out of the box. My budget is around 300. So far I have heard of: Tonewood - Euromade violins for around 550, so a bit over budget for the initial attempt. International Violin - According to threads on this forum the good ones are around 3-400 Howard Core - Saw this shop mentioned a few times, 265-400 for the good ones. Some Aliexpress sellers - I am most interested in this option because they are probably the ones supplying the some of the other shops I have mentioned above, and saving money when possible is always a good thing. I saw a few links mentioned in threads here but it was a few years back and I would expect more people to have experience with them now. The shops I have seen mentioned so far are yinfente Flora Strings - this one looks pretty interesting. If their "master" level violins are equal to the "master" level ones sold by the reselling shops I would be saving 100-200 Taixing Any further suggestions are welcome. Also, is my plan actually reasonable, in terms of achievable sound quality? For the Urushi I was thinking of keeping the coats to a minimum to minimize its effect on the sound of the violin. Here is a paper on some of the acoustic properties of the Urushi, if anyone is interested.