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  1. Have you checked out the vast database of tunes on https://thesession.org/ ? You can easily transcribe for cello.
  2. @Don Noon what instrumentation are you using to obtain your frequency measurements?
  3. Anybody use the Stretto humidifier system? The website is extraordinarily uninformative. The humidifying bags - do you have to replace every few weeks or can they simple be moistened again and reused. This is not mentioned on the site. And the Stretto hygrometer? Is is reasonable accurate? I am aware that hygrometers are notoriously inaccurate and have large variation in readings.
  4. 'Property of a Lady' appears to be an auction term I see at Bromptons Auctions. I know the topic of what auction condition terms for violins mean has been discussed here (for example, what is an 'interesting' violin?) but I have not seen any definitive answer as to what this term means. While searching for clues on google, I found there is a James Bond novel by Ian Fleming called 'The Property of a Lady' with the plot centering around an auction. I am intrigued. What ever does this mean?
  5. Thanks! I shall have to subscribe. Appreciated.
  6. Thanks so much Andres. Here indeed it is: https://www.cremonabooks.com/shop_dettaglio.php?id=290 That makes sense re the Amati arching as he was influenced by him, so I read. This is most appreciated! A happy result for my first posting on Maestronet. Such a valuable resource.
  7. Are there any technical drawings of any of the Serafin violins available? I have found many excellent photographs of his instruments, but hard to judge the arching from such. Any information most appreciated.
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