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  1. Hello again all. Sorry for being inactive, I've been busy. After taking in all of your comments and doing research, I've concluded that this could be an "Il Cannone" copy. The picture is the violin that I've found that gets closest to my violin is this one: www.amromusic.com/products/milorichter44violinc
  2. I've included the best picture I can currently take of the interior wood. Also, if you look at the three additional pictures, there seems to be some sort of dip on the inside of the purfling. I don't know if this could help with identification but I'm sure it wouldn't hurt to know. It's like roughly 11mm in width from the edge of the body inward. Notice how the light seems to end a little bit in from the purfling. Also, on the side profile, the tailpiece shadow seems curved. I've never seen this prominent of a feature anywhere else on violins until I got this violin. Most other violins I'
  3. Hello again. Just to respond to what you guys said: I unfortunately do not have a way to get a picture of the interior at the moment. I will definitely look into that. I believe he got this violin about 9 or 10 years ago since that's when I remember him first taking lessons. When I get the chance, I will request that he ask the teacher since the teacher would definitely know where it was from. I do have a luthier near my uncle's home who can check this out, but I don't know if luthiers do it for free or not so I'm afraid to go. As for the bridge, uncle says it i
  4. I've never heard of Vern's Violin Emporium. Where is that located? After thinking about it, you might be right. There are knots and the varnish flakes off which I don't think I've seen any other good violin do.
  5. Hello everyone! Thank you for all of your replies. I asked my uncle about it, and he says that he purchased it from his teacher when he was interested in playing violin, but other than that he has no knowledge of where the violin came from. My biggest concerns about the instrument are that it has the wood issue that I took a picture of, the varnish sort of flakes of, and there is no label. However, I did do some research ans apparently there are Strads with knots or wood imperfections, and sometimes the label could be faked anyway so the label isn't too clear an indicator of violin q
  6. Hi, I just got this violin from my uncle who quit playing due to carpal tunnel syndrome. I don't know it's value and there are no labels on the inside. It seems like a very nicely constructed instrument, although I do see something in the wood which I've included a picture of (I think it's called a knot???). The sound is quite brilliant and the varnish seems flaky, where it chips off in pieces rather than scratching off (sort of hard to explain so bear with me please). There are scratches on the violin which are not really noticeable. Picture quality isn't too great either and they are out of
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