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  1. Oh? Thank you. Sorry to report no demostration is available as of now. I hope to soon when I come across a talent (willing to endulge me..lol) that can do it justice.
  2. Thank you all for the insight. I will study the interger/ratio subject. (for a 25.5" scale length), The next area of study will be how best to capture the after length tones for amplification. Magnetic or piezo.? For your amusement I include an early rough sketch and link to my craft works so far. ( A fiddle is in there somewhere, lol. ) Again, thank you all for contributing. I have learned from you. Thank you Anders Buen for accepting my invitation. https://mtouch.facebook.com/CatFish-Guitars-185651282048875/?ref=bookmarks
  3. Thank you! Since I have garnered an audience with my query I shall add a bit of insight to help. As I mentioned the instrument in mind will be of a Sitar fashioned design. An unconventional acoustic guitar shape melding in the attributes of Sitar characteristics. A six string, 25.5" scale length, utilizing a bridge of design to acquire the Sitar sound. A traditional Sitar has an array of separate sympathetic strings. I wish not have the separate strings. So I was exploring if the after length of the six strings could be a possibility. A Sitar is supposed to sound unusual anyway, so perhaps som
  4. I post yes, entierly for jest and amusment for members in fact of I realize this group is for the masters. I am not of masters. Although I indeed have luthiur (yea, stretching it there..) intrests. And have truly crafted a violin (fiddle). Yes, it needs a little work yet. Thank you.
  5. I wish to have conversation to learn of sympathetic string harmonics properties. To apply to instrument project.. I wish to build Sitar type instrument. I am curious if possible to utilize, optimize the string length from main bridge to tailpiece as sympathetic tonal enhancements. I realize this forum perhaps inappropriate for such topic. Thank you.
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