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  1. Thank you all for the replies! I really do appreciate it! I'm unable to currently afford a teacher as I've got myself a little girl to take care of. But that's why I came here to maybe try and see what my problem is. So for starters when I try to hold the violin with no shoulder rest, I try to put it at about the middle of my neck, that's what I saw a couple video's suggest and they also did not use shoulder rests. However, they also say they have to lift their shoulders and clamp the violin between jaw and shoulder and that's not the case for me, I'm barely able to get my jaw above the violin let alone lift my shoulder to clamp it. That jut doesn't happen. With the shoulder rest, it is literally impossible for me to get my chin onto the violin without tilting the violin probably 60 degrees or more upwards. I do admit the shoulder rest adds about 2-3 inches of height to it, from the top of the chin rest to the bottom of the shoulder rest. But I literally cannot get my jaw to the chinrest at all when i use it so I haven't been able to. I talked with a friend who plays and she said I have the right technique to holding it, or at least from what she can see, but it just feels wrong still. I'm sorry I don't have pictures at the moment. I may try to get some at a later time. But hopefully my explanation helped a bit. I also have another problem and maybe this might help determine if my violin is simply too big? on top of being unable to reach the top of the violin most of the time, I also can't really reach any string besides the first string with my pinky. So I can maybe reach the second one too but I for sure cannot reach the fourth string with my pinky AT ALL no matter what I try to do. I have to literally shift my whole hand to get to it and that seems really bad in the long run. Like if I need to hold it mostly with my hand anyway, and then have to shift my hand to reach the other end, I feel like I could risk dropping it mid-playing or shift it out of position like that. I'm not totally sure if that's even a needed thing for performing but it's something that I heard is good to learn since it's easier to do that then to shift your hand downwards. Again, seems like something I should do if I can't hold onto it with just my chin and shoulder. Not sure I guess. I just really worry about breaking this thing and that I'm not holding it right. Most of the time it hurts to even reach my chin up over the violin let alone hold it there with my shoulder and chin. I often have to stretch my neck so much it hurts and I feel like that's not a good sign.
  2. Hello. I'm a 26 yr old mom just trying to tap back into music again but I'm having a hard time even holding my violin. I feel like I can barely even get my chin/jaw where it needs to be and when i do, i feel like it's going to slip out any time i move. Everyone says it shouldnt feel like you HAVE to hold the neck but I have to or it will fall. I cant use a shoulder rest cause I literally CANT reach the top of the violin if I do. I feel it's all because I have a short neck but I don't know how to remedy this. Anyone have any ideas? Would a smaller violin help this? Do I need to switch violins? I currently have an electric acoustic so I'm wondering if maybe that's causing it to be thicker than normal? I really want to learn but this is making it so difficult...I can tell it's going to make trouble if I keep going like this...